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Rebounding Barack?

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That’s what Reuters writes, and it will be enough for Obama to stagger into Denver with a delegate lead even if he manages to lose Indiana and North Carolina (and Kentucky and West Virginia).

What Obama has won is the heart of the left, and they don’t care that he cannot win Pennsylvania or Ohio in the fall. They want one of their own. They prefer six months of theater they produce to four years of power in which they have supporting roles.

So the Democrats, fresh off the 2004 rejection of an elitist senator from the far left edge of their party, will choose to nominate an elitist senator from an even farther left precinct of their party, only one much less experienced than John Kerry.

Incredibly, the Dems are about to nominate the hardest left major party candidate in modern American political history, despite that candidate having lost almost every big state primary and despite his deeply troubling personal associations with radicals and crooks.

They are counting on a partisan media running interference for Obama, and a general fatigue with Bush to burden McCain as well. Before long they and the MSM will be hissing at anyone who brings up Rezko, Wright and Ayers, and opponents of Obama will routinely be accused of racism.

So a lot of the Obama opposition will simply go underground, but it will not change its mind. Every count in the indictment Hillary built will remain valid, and in circulation, and persuasive: Obama comes out of a radical environment, he has no experience, and the center-left Democrats won’t vote for him.

John McCain’s task is to travel this country extolling its virtues, its history of raising up all of its citizens and protecting the world, and its responsibilities today in that world. He doesn’t have Reagan’s charm, but McCain’s record of service and sacrifice is greater than Reagan’s was in 1980, and McCain has the reality of the world’s dangers as a backdrop. Even the most reluctant conservative will have to recognize that Barack Obama represents the wholesale abandonment of the country to the hard left’s agenda. The nomination of Obama complete’s John McCain’s outreach to the conservative wing of his party.

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times ran a story on the rearming of Hezbollah:

Almost two years after its war with Israel, Hezbollah has rearmed and is stronger than before the conflict, according to Israeli and Western officials and the Lebanon-based Shiite Muslim group itself….

Hezbollah now has about 27,000 rockets and missiles, more than double its supply before the 2006 war, Israeli officials say. Acquisitions include Iranian missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv, they allege.

“The Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis is closer than it has been since 2006,” an Israeli security official said in an interview. “In operational planning, the Syrians know that Hezbollah is part of their defense architecture. Hezbollah is stronger than before the war. They have improved their antitank capabilities, the number and quality of their rockets.”

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has asserted that the militia’s arsenal has attained or surpassed its prewar level. He has said that his weapons can hit “any area in occupied Palestine.”

Read the whole thing. This isn’t news. It is just a reminder of the world we live in. Does anyone really believe that there isn’t another major explosion coming in the Middle East? Can you imagine Barack Obama superintending it?

Hillary, yes. Obama, no. The Democrats have a chance to reclaim the White House, but the hard left of the party would rather have the party than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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