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Rebirth Of “The Fairness Doctrine?”

Monday, May 14, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Following publication of this report in the American Spectator this morning, Rush spent a lot of time hammering the Dems for attempting to resurrect the speech-and-debate killing “Fairness Doctrine,” the repeal of which opened radio in the late ’80s to the rise of talk radio of both the left and right.

I invited Speaker Pelosi to appear on the program to discuss just this specific issue, an invitation that was declined.  Her press secretary, Drew Hammill, wrote back to tell us that the story is “false” and that we could quote him on that subject.  It would be very easy for the Speaker to put this one to bed quickly and with a short announcement or interview stating that she will not support the return of censorship to the airwaves.  She hasn’t.  You can draw your own conclusions and watch for the introduction of the legislation attempting to outlaw criticisms of the Democrats.

You can contact the Speaker’s office via 202-225-3121 to express your disgust with the idea of bringing the gag rule back to the airwaves.

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