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Reading Rasmussen

Tuesday, March 20, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Giuliani 33%; McCain 15%; Gingrich 13%; Romney 10%. The poll also notes that “[a]separate survey found that 50% of all Americans voters would definitely vote against Gingrich if he is on the general election ballot. Just 20% would definitely vote for him. “

There are three major GOP candidates, each one of whom will raise good money in this quarter, each one of whom as a solid organization established in each of the early primary states, each one of whom is committed to victory in the war.  This will –or should– quickly become a series of conversations between these three, even though the Beltway-Manghattan media elite like late entries as that provides an escape from having to do the serious work of reporting what each of the big three think about a myriad of issues. 

Speculation: My guess is that most of the Gingricj voters go to Romney, as they must represent the most conservative voters and the ones which want the idea factory open.  Some will go to the other two of course, but with the Gingrich decoy out of the race, it is almost certainly a tie between Romney and McCain, with Giuliani backing up.  The debates are going to mean a great deal, and a great deal earlier than ever before.


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