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Reading Brown

Sunday, July 3, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has written an essay on the Supreme Court’s decision last week in Brown, Governor of California, et al. v. Entertainment Merchants Association et al.

The Archbishop’s critique is timely and should give even the most ardent defenders of First Amendment freedom pause. “Video games can simulate, and potentially stimulate, violence in a far more intensely immersive way than traditional media,” Chaput concludes. “In the words of former army officer and author of On Killing, David Grossman, the worst of these games are ‘murder simulators.'” he adds. “Grossman is not alone in his views.”

In addition to the value of the Archbishop’s specific argument, it is very good to see a non-lawyer essaying on the Court’s decisions. Too many citizens, even intelligent, well-read opinion leaders, balk at entering the debates which culminate in front of the Court because of the habit of many commentators to overwhelm with citation and reference to obscure theories.

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