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Rasmussen: Obama Up 4; Battleground: Obama Up 4: Will The Undecideds Help McCain Close This Gap?

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Yes. It is a long shot of course, (Intrade ticked a couple of points in McCain’s direction the past two days and it is still 83-17 Obama), a long but not impossible shot.

Here are the Rasmussen numbers. Here’s Battleground.

McCain needs the undecideds to break for him decisively, and that’s what worries some Democrats. (Here’s an article on who the undecideds are.)

They should be worried, especially in Pennsylvania, where the contempt for the Keystone State’s suburban and rural voters has been on periodic display from Obama and Democratic icon Jack Murtha for months.

The attempt to demoralize the GOP through the gigged polling and the triumphalism of Obama hasn’t worked as the counter-theme of the volatility of the polls and the overwhelming bias of the MSM –now cemented in beyond argument by the Los Angeles Times’ censorship of the Obama-Khalidi (and Ayers?) video— has kept McCain’s supporters focused on the 96 hour effort to turn out voters. Having just returned from three key states –Colorado, Minnesota and Ohio– I know from first hand experience that the McCain effort is well staffed and very enthusiastic. The effort to set up “exit polls” as decisive is already being blunted and though we will be treated to the standard “massive turnout” and “Obama wave” stories on CNN election day, the GOP is poised to get its people to the polls, and to ignore the effort to stomp on turnout as MSM’s early and erroneous call of Florida for Gore did in 2000.

(See, btw, Geraghty’s explanation of why exit polls are guaranteed to skew Obama. HT:

The question is whether the real doubts over Obama’s experience and judgment will prevail over the standard Americanimpulse to roll the dice. Great Britain’s The Economist counsels that “America should take a chance,” and does so after a great speculative bubble has triggered a massive financial crisis. The Wall Street Journal by contrast reminds us of Obama’s deep roots in a Chicago machine under investigation and Sean Hannity’s reported last night on Obama colleague Bill Ayer’s 1974 book dedicated to “all political prisoners” in the U.S. –including by name Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan! The reasons to entertain doubt go far beyond Ayers-Khalidi-Rezko-Wright-Acorn and they came from Joe Biden, as Senator McCain noted in my interview with him yesterday. The Economist wants us to gamble on Obama’s ability to handle the most serious of crises, but Biden has warned us we won’t like what we get from Obama.

Mark his words. Mark his words.

The only thing now is to work to get the vote out, especially in the east coast states where any early sign of Obama strength will be manipulated by MSM on Tuesday night in an attempt to crush GOP turnout out west.

Do you part especially in PA. Think of anyone you know in the state and send them a link to Perry Nunley’s Redneck Date from along with a note telling them that given the Obama/Murtha view of Pennsylvania, they should enjoy the song very much.



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