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Rasmussen National: Romney 28%, McCain 26%

Monday, January 28, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The conservatives are breaking for Romney in Rasmussen’s national survey, where the former Massachusetts governor now leads for the first time sine the campaign began. The race has become a two-man contest, though Rudy’s early votes in Florida could provide a wild card tomorrow. Key finding from the national data:

Nationally, Romney leads McCain 36% to 21% among conservatives likely to vote in a Republican Primary. McCain leads Romney 41% to 12% among moderate voters. The good news for Romney is that there are more conservatives than moderates.

This polling occurs before the backlash against McCain for enlisting Dr. Hernandez as an advisor, for the low blow against Romney, and before the Arizona maverick’s “drawing of the line” on Justice Alito. Expect the trend towards Romney among conservatives to accelerate, even as MSM’s push for McCain does as well.

UPDATE: Datamar also has Romney surging –to a 12 % lead. One or the other could be an outlier, but two with wide Romney leads? Zogby has McCain ahead by 3, but Zogby had Michigan tied the morning of the vote.

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