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Rasmussen In Florida: Romney 25%, McCain 20%, Giuliani 19%, Huckabee 13%, Thompson 12%

Monday, January 21, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

What this means is a tremendously volatile electorate, but with the economy rising to the top of voters’ concerns, Romney has to like this news very much indeed.

Given Romney’s overall lead among votes cast in all the GOP contests to date (see the box above: Romney 530K to McCains 510K), the Rasmussen numbers should not surprise. If McCain’s advantage among Independents voting in GOP contests is also factored in, Romney’s overall advantage in votes cast by Republicans is larger even than his lead noted above. Assuming Florida’s very diverse GOP electorate mirrors the combined electorates of Iowa, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Michigan, South carolina and Nevada, one would expect Romney to have a slight lead as the campaign opens in Florida in earnest.

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