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Friday, November 18, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As the House GOP moved quickly to bring Congressman Murtha’s proposal for immediate withdrawal from Iraq to a floor vote tonight, I was joined by Congressman J.D. Heyworth and House Rules Committee Chair David Dreier who explained what the House was doing and why. Kudos to both of them for getting this very important debate underway. I wish every American could see it. The contrast between the confident and energized GOp finally able to step up to a anational audience and debate the war versus the halting and often incoherent replies from the left –Dennis Kucinich was spectacularly unhinged as usual– is exactly what the country needed to see and hear. Every Democrat who attempted to charge the Republicans as attacking Congressman Murtha’s patriotism was instantly revealed as a fraud, and the Democrats who attempted to argue that Congressman Murtha hadn’t called for immediate withdrawal are laughingstocks. It is a great way to rescue a dispiriting week, and an example to the Congressional leadership in both Houses on how to conduct this debate over the next 11 months leading to the 2006 elections: By engaging directly and at length every hard left demand to cut and run, and every conspiracy theory that asserts the president misled the country into war.

I was also joined by Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska to discuss the Patriot Act renewal impasse that now exists in the Senate. Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter would not sign the Conference Report that hammered out the differences between the House and Senate versions of this crucial law, so no debate on the Act’s extension occured today, and will begin in the Senate only on December 13th. Senator Kyl’s strong belief is that critics of the conference report have not read it, and that the Senate Majority needs to get serious about this critical national security measure.

All the transcripts will be up at Radioblogger later.

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