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Ragamuffin Soul and the Future of Godblogging

Sunday, May 4, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here is Ragamuffin Soul, a blog by Carlos Whittaker, a friend of Randy Elrod who is a friend of mine, and whose Ethos is a magnificent blog.

Yesterday I met Fermin Whittaker, the father of Carlos, at the commencement ceremonies at California Baptist University. Carlos encouraged his father to start blogging, which Dr. Whittaker, the Executive Director of the California Southern Baptist Convention, has done, here at A View From Within.

“As we talked, our world became smaller,” Dr. Whittaker wrote of our few minutes of conversation. Small world stories have that effect, but behind the simple appreciation for shared friendships was a recognition that four very different people are linked by the new technology, and that the youngest of them by far, Carlos, will be using the medium for evangelization for the rest of his life and not merely a half or a third of it.

A hundred years from now, church historians are going to be studying how folks like Randy, MarkDRoberts, Joe Carter, John Mark Reynolds, Al Mohler and others transformed the practice of evangelization by embracing, improving, and popularizing blogging and new media. Carlos and his generation, which includes folks like Alex Chediak, a young faculty member and blogger at CBU, are simply following their lead and extending the reach of the Gospel via the new medium.

Which is a long way of saying you really ought to be planning to be at GodBlog 3 at the second BlogWorld and New Media Expo September in Las Vegas. The church is changing, and Dr. Whittaker’s willingness to be led by his son to use a new tool is an example for the entire church to follow.

And if you are anywhere near Atlanta tomorrow through Wednesday, you should get to the DriveConference. It is being led by Andy Stanley, whose online invitation includes the wonderful line, “Church is a team sport.”

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