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Quick: Where’s Guinea? Do We Care If There’s A Coup?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The life of the president, and the president-elect, is made up of such questions.

Scores of them. Often on the same day.

One of the reasons everyone should be welcoming Rick Warren to the inauguration —discussed in E.J. Dionne’s column this morning— is that the new president needs the prayers and support of the entire country in dealing with five thousand issues most Americans will never notice nor much care about but which will have life-and-death consequences in faraway places. There’s going to be a lot of space for political debates and tough battles over a host of policies over the next four years, but there is also that huge slice of the job that isn’t political –what to do about Guinea, if anything– that all Americans should hope the new president figures out quickly and acts with regard to wisely and expeditiously.

The relentless Bush-bashing b y the BDS-sufferers may tempt a lot of the right to go over to the offensive on the entire front from day one and to belittle and demean the president-elect as the left has tried to do to W for most of the past eight years. That’s a mistake for the country and for the conservative and Republican causes. It is also unfair to the world which needs an America that doesn’t politicize everything it touches, even faraway places.

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