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Questions of the Day: How Many Houses Has Bill Ayers Blown Up? Is Obama Prompter-Dependent?

Thursday, August 21, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rush played some tape of Obama attempting to turn John McCain’s answer on the number of houses he owns into a stump speech. Rush correctly noted that it sounded very desperate indeed, and given the news that Rush also reported that Obama is using a prompter at “townhalls,” raises the question of whether there’s quality control at the input end.

Letting surrogates chew on McCain’s wealth may or may not be a good idea –class rhetoric rarely works, especially when you have John Kerry as your nominee emeritus– but it is especially dangerous when your own home was acquired with the connivance of a convicted felon to whom you had helped direct subsidies as a state legislator.

Since houses are in play, we also need to know:

How many houses does nancy Pelosi own? Harry Reid? And how many houses has Bill Ayers blown up or plotted to blow up?

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