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The Pundits and Poet Whip Count, and A Huge Win For The League of the Free and the Serious Down Under

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Perhaps the smashing win of Tony Abbot in Australia will mean a new ally for Abe, Harper and Netanyahu in the league of the free and the serious.  (Abbott profiled here by Fred Barnes.)

See the Transcripts page for all the week’s interviews on Syria.  More will be added today from Max Boot and Frank Gaffney.  The transcript and audio of my interview yesterday with Charles Krauthammer are below.

I believe the conversation with Boot lays out the best case for a yes vote made to date, just as Bill Kristol’s piece is the best written argument on behalf of a “yes,” while Krauthammer gives the best advice to the president on how to strengthen his speech so that it might attract more votes.  But all of the interviews including those from adamant opponents deserve reading and rereading by MoC headed back to D.C.

The Transcripts “Vote Yes” camp includes national security thinks Boot, Congressman Tom Cotton, both Kagans –Fred and Kim–, General Keane, Bill Kristol, Michael O’Hanlon, Andrew Roberts, Michael Rubin and Brett Stevens.

The Transcripts “Vote No” camp includes Larry Arnn, Frank Gaffney, Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew McCarthy and Senator Ron Johnson.

An example of the truly undecided: House Armed Services Chair Buck McKeon.

Two of the world’s best war correspondents –The New York Times and The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins– also weigh in, as do two head-counting D.C. reporters Byron York and Joe Scarborough.

And just so the poets don’t complain that they were not consulted, here is Friday’s offering from the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt Show, Tarzana Joe:

Breakfast of Doubt

A question has been plaguing me
So much, I can’t ignore it
Do I oppose “whatever”
Just because Obama’s for it?

I struggle with my attitude
And strive for self-awareness
Because I know my President
Deserves a little fairness

I wish that I were certain

But talk is only talk
If Mitt were in the White House
Then would I be a Hawk?

Would I have listened closely
And say John Kerry sold me
As I was quick to credit
All that Colin Powell told me?

And then an answer hit me

One I suspect is true
The trouble that I’m having
Is really déjà vu

The rattling of sabers

The clumsy road to war
I haven’t lived forever
But I’ve seen all this before

Perhaps I’m far more troubled

That I believed the claim
That THIS administration’s
Not for doing things the same

They told us we should never move

Without United Nations
So why is our Ambassador
On serial vacations?

If every nation understands

Their acts were grim and brutal
Propose a resolution
Even if you think it’s futile

Person’ly I think it would be

Groovy, cool and neato
To bring the world to witness
How the Russians use their veto

Perhaps you missed that lecture

In your Poly Science class
You can work the world on climate change
But not on Poison Gas!?

So…it’s not some regulation

Or this or that appointment
Our failure to do better
Is  my source of disappointment


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