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Prosecute the Leakers

Thursday, February 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The CIA’s Porter J. Goss testified today that the leaks concerning the NSA program had caused “very severe” damage to the national security. The Washington Post reports that Goss “expressed hope that journalists would be forced to testify before grand juries on the sources of the leaks.”

From Gabriel Schoenfeld’s “Has the New York Times Violated the Espionage Act?” in the March issue of Commentary (HT: Powerline.)

The Justice Department has already initiated a criminal investigation into the leak of the NSA program, focusing on which government employees may have broken the law. But the government is contending with hundreds of national-security leaks, and progress is uncertain at best. The real question that an intrepid prosecutor in the Justice Department should be asking is whether, in the aftermath of September 11, we as a nation can afford to permit the reporters and editors of a great newspaper to become the unelected authority that determines for all of us what is a legitimate secret and what is not. Like the Constitution itself, the First Amendment’s protections of freedom of the press are not a suicide pact. The laws governing what the Times has done are perfectly clear; will they be enforced?

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