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Progress On The Relief Well, But Why Is “A Whale” Beached?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Houston Chronicle reports on the possibility of capping the leak within two weeks.

In the comments below the story is this post:

In Newport, we have a Taiwanese skimming tanker called the A Whale, capable of skimming 500,000 (yes, a half a million) gallons of oil a day but it can’t get past the EPA or CG. Between the EPA, Coast Guard and this administration, government has proven its complete lack of competence and downright criminal negligence. Can anyone successfully argue one single thing our government has run competently or cost effectively since Obama was elected? I can’t.

Could that possibly be true?

Ernest Istook wrote about the ship at The Heritage Foundation’s blog The Foundry.

The China Post had this story.

The merits of the argument about The Whale will surface, just like the oil, but the delayed, then confused, then partial response of the president and his team has launched not just a searching review of its competence in the aftermath of the explosion but across every one of its “initiatives.”


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