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Presidential Debate Scorecard

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McCain’s Answer

Obama’s Answer

1. Bad day on Wall AStreet. Summarizes plans. Why is your plan better than his?

Translation: Can we hear your talking points again.

One of the short term fixes. The catalyst for this crisis is Fannie/Freddie. I am convinced that we need to put floor under home values. Buy up morgtgages. Knows criticisms. But it doesn’t help if neighbors abandon homes. Rescue packaage for middle class. Four speific things.

Very strong opening by Obama.

2. Response

Plumber: Joe W. Joe wants to buy the busienss he’s been in. He looked at Obama’s plan, which was goign to increase his taxes. Joe was trying to realize American dream. Joe, I’ll keep your taes low. I will not stand for a tax inxrease onsmall business income. Excellent. What you want to do to Joe the plumber is have their taxes increased. Joe was watching ads of Senator McCain.

Joe’s a star. What network books Joe tonight?

In to talking points. Round to McCain. Joe hurts Obama.

“What I essentially said to Joe…”

Huh? No he didn’t. He said he wanted to spread the money around

McCain goes back to Joe. You told him you wanted to spread the wealth around. Score! Obama is mad.

Why would you want to increase anyone’s taxes right now.

If I can answer the question.,..

Talking points.

Exon Mobile. Obama is flustered

Stammering Obama

We need to cut taxes and encourage businesses, not spread the wealth around

Best McCain has done in 3 debates

Schieffer changes subject. Why? The candidates finally engage!

On to deficit. can’t allow this to become interesting.

Please, more tlaking points. What would you cut?

[Same questiomn as before and they won’t answer it here.]

During the Depression era…we had the mortgage approach. So my proposal

Nuclear power

Schieffer interrupts, becxause his dog question doesn’t work, just like it didn;’t work

Hatchet and scalpal.

McCain animated.

Hits Obama on earmarks.

We have been livin beyond our means.

Giveaways to insurance comopanies. Line-by-line, blah blah blah. How could Schieffer not know this is a lousy question?

Obama is exasperated again

Do you think you can balance a budget in four years

Sure I can. But then back to the spending talking points.
Very nasty campaign. Say to each other’s face? Tough campaign. If he had responded to my urgent request to do town halls, we could have had 10. It has gotten pretty tough, but the fact is it has taken many tourns that I consider unacceptable. Congressman Lewis’ charge for example Senator Obama did not repudiate those remarks. I hope that Senator Obama will repudiate those remakrs. We will run a truthful camopaign. It is a matter of fact that he has spent more money on negative ads than any campaign in histoy. Public financing pledge: You didn’t keep your word.

Another Joe the plumber reference. Excellent

McCain laughs. You got to read what he said

I am proud of the people who come to our rallies. fringe people show up. To somehow say…

I am not going to stand for slanders on the men and women at my rallies

We expect campaigns to be tough. Sites CBS poll. 100 percent of John McCain’s ads have been negatibve…absolutely true.

I don’t mind being attacked for the next three weeks, but the merican people cannot afford four more years of failed policy (nice line but no response on Lewis.)

Obama defends Lewis and blasts Palin…”I think Congressman Lewis point…”

Obama dissembling.

What the American people want….

Do you pal around with terrorists?

Obama stumbling around again.

We need to know tghe full extent of your rleationship with Ayers, with ACORN, all of these things need to be examined. Mr. Ayers has become the centrpiece of Senator McCain’s camapign.

Bill Ayers is a professor of education…

40 years ago…

10 years agoi he served and I served on a school board funded by one of Ronald Reagan’s friends…

[talking points, but the issue is on the table now]

ACORN is a community organization…”apparently” had nothing to do with us…I represented them alongside the US DOJ …

Get these facts out

bad head movement, sounds slippery

Woods Foubndation $230 K to ACORN, launched your campaign there. In 2001 Ayers said he’d wished he’d bombed more. My campaign is about getting this economy on track
VP question Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin and know she is a role model to women and other reformers. She’s a reformer. It is time we had the breath of fresh air. Sweep out the cronyism. She’ll be my aprtner. he also understands special needs families. Autism

Biden is great! Talking points
McCain nails Biden on First Gulkf War; idea on Iraq into 3 countries Several issues on which Joe and I disagreed and he’s been wrong

McCain demanding transparency and reform.

Strong again


Talking points, but a good slam at Obama’s Canada gambit

“I admire Obama’s eloquence. ” We will “look at” offshore drilling. Strong. Very strong.

On the subject of free trade. I am a free trader…Hits him on Columbia.

Bravo McCain.

Talking points

The hit at NAFTA in the middle of the market meltdown not wise

“inforce unfair trade agreements?”

Schieffer’s questions are predictable and reflect the complete lack of imagination among the MSM’s old guard.

There isn’t any doubt that Senator Obama wants to restrict trade and raise taxes, and the last president who did that was Herbert Hoover.

Very strong

Helath care. Please tell me your talking points? Joe the Plumber is back Obama obliges with talking points

Joe if you want to do the right thing with your employees…

Petulant an stumbling

More Joe! Take Joe’s money and you decide what to do with it. Senator Obama mandates what you will do with it. That’s big government at its best.
Roe/luitmus tests

Classic MSM formulation. How tired. How cliched.

Strong answer for McC

We have to change the culture of America.

McCain brings up “Born Alive Protecxtion Act” Hurrah.

130 present votes.

Partial birt abortion.

Very strong.

“I don’t know how you vote present on somne of that. Tha’s his record.”


Helps McCain to talk vouchers and reform

More to do with our economic future than anything…talking points

Obama firm against vouchers, and that cannot help him

Final statements These are very difficult times. America needs a new direction. I have a record of reform… Policies of the last 8 years and Wasongton’s unwilingess to tackle these problems, biggest risk is the same failed policies and politics.

“We need fundamental change in this contry…”


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