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President Kollar-Kotelly

Friday, February 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Wall Street Journal joins the line of commentators amazed at the power over national security that D.C. District Court Judge Kollar-Kotelly has unilaterally claimed herself, according to yesterday’s Washington Post story.

Here’s Professor Jonathan Adler’s take on it from yesterday’s program, and the exchange with Professors Eastman and Chemerinsky.

Repeat caution: The Post could be wrong in its reporting, but if Kollar-Kotelly actually briefed her colleagues and they consented to her approach, there would still be ahuge problem with the manipulation of the process so as to avoid judicial review of her rule for handling NSA surveillance.

To be blunt: There may be domestic agents of al Qaeda in the U.S. who are evading comprehensive surveillance because Judge Kollar-Kotelly refuses to accept applications for FISA warrants based on intelligence garnered from warrantless NSA surveillance.

Here’s a list of all members of the FISA court, as well as the three judges of the appeals court for FISA. I hope their lines are burning up on the subject of having been kept in the dark by Kollar-Kotelly about the handling of the NSA intelligence.

More at Strata-Spehere and ProteinWisdom.

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