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President Complains GOP Has Built A “Fictional Barack Obama”: The Facts Prove Otherwise

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The president is complaining –whining, really– that the Republicans have created “a fictional Barack Obama.”
First, the facts.

Better off today than four years ago? Really?

Democrats have dug themselves a hole on this simple question, with answers, revisions to answers, and refusal to answers decorating the leads as with this New York Times’ story.

The Obama pollsters must have figured out that the RNC speakers were very persuasive on this point, and that since the question cannot be avoided, they are going to have to spin, spin, spin.

Look, it cannot be done. “It’s Bush’s fault” was more persuasive than trying to hide the fact that gas cost under $2 a gallon on the day President Obama was sworn in.

This is the reason why I wrote The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall and Epic Fail of the Hope and Change Presidency. Facts are stubborn things. The country, by dozens of measures, is far worse off than four years ago. It is all in the book, footnoted beyond debate.

And if President Obama is re-elected, it will be worse off still.

The Brief Against Obama | by Hugh Hewitt

The president gave a very strange interview to USA Today yesterday, one full of self-pity, and the claim that the GOP has created a “fictional Barack Obama.” The mind-set to come up with that complaint after forty one months of 8% unemployment and $5 trillion in red ink is unusual to say the least, but also troubling. It is as though the president is unaware of his own failings, of the very real reasons why voters will be rejecting him.

He’s intellectually exhausted, as Powerline’s Scott Johnson notes, and an out-of-gas president is reduced to gassy excuses and complaints. Charlotte is a long way from Denver, and there is no way the president is going to whine his way out of the record he built.


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