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President Chauncey Gardiner, The Press and The Collapse

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Egypt Protests

Most journalists have figured out by now that the public isn’t outraged at Mitt Romney, but that there is growing dismay with a president asleep at the switch on the anniversary of 9/11 and who marked the day the news broke of the assassination of four American diplomats with a trip to Vegas for campaigning and fundraising. The president’s chest thumping on foreign policy is classic insecurity manifesting itself in an empty boastfulness made not so much offensive as dismaying by the back drop of growing chaos across the Middle East. This incompetent amateur may belive in his heart that he is master of all he surveys, but the overwhelming evidence of the fact that he is in far over his head grows to mountain-sized enormity. The Guns of August seem to be replaying themselves in Septemebr and October of 2012 but the president is on autopilot and the Manhattan-Beltway Media Elite have agreed that it is inappropriate to raise a voice against this drift. Geoffrey Dawson lives!

Only Obama’s MSM fan-club doesn’t see the connection between the growing chaos and the president’s cluelessness, though if pressed as to what they expected when early on their favoritist president ever got the Nobel Prize and traveled to Cairo for speechifying that would bring the Arab world to a quick and orderly move to democracy and full rights for women and religious minorities with Iranian disarmament thrown in, they might admit that a second term would be useful to the accomplishment of these goals. The horrified masses outside of the Manhattan-Beltway media bubble wonder what in the world the world would look like with four more years of Chance the Gardener as POTUS, but MSM is untroubled.

Their job is to oganize the assualt on Romney, as CBS’ Jan Crawford (heir to Mary Mapes?) did so wonderfully well on tape before yesterday’s statement by Mitt Romney. The Borg of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite had decided on a narrative and organized for its development and transmission. Oops. The curtain was up.

Key takeaway: The press didn’t care what Romney had to say. He could have said “I am withdrawing from the race.” He could have said he’d had a call from Ahmadinejad asking to meet. He could have announced he was flying to Cairo. None of it would not have mattered to the MSMers! They had their questions down. This is the reality of the MSM palace guard revealed and undeniable: Their job is to bleed Romney so their guy can get another four years.

None of their scheming matters. What matters is the reaction of the voters to this clueless president and this conniving press. Here is the reality fo the election:

8.2% unemployment (actually around 11% if the hopeless are factored in.) Looming tax hikes that will further destroy growth and the rollout of Obamacare that will lead to premium shock and reduced care and downward pressure on growth and unemployment. Iran thrusting for nukes and Israel pointing to the ticking clock. Cairo and other Arab cities burning and mobs massing. China launching new ships and initiatives; Russia hostile and grasping; Europe teetering.

This is why Mitt Romney will win: Voters see and know this. Whether pollsters are doing their job or not on “likely voter screens” and “turnout models” doesn’t change the facts on the ground. The president has failed, on every front and in spectacular fashion.

True, he may not know it. He may be gliding through the final four months of his presidency absolutely convinced he’s king of the world, but he’s a failure. The country doesn’t re-elect failure, no matter how urgently fellow failed and aging “journalists” or their young acolytes –“What’s our question Jan?”– desperately want him to be thought a success.

Today I am joined by a returned Mark Steyn (whose After America has just been iussed in paperback with a new and alarming but funny forward) and by Lileks whose Bleat today is not to be missed (nor is his new novel, The Graveyard Special.)

Hours two and three feature one of my long chats, this one with Robert Kaplan, whose new The Revenge of Geography, is a tour of the bubbling cauldron of the world. Kaplan is not a harsh critic of the president and in fact gives him good grades for much of his foreign policy, but Kaplan knows what our Navy means, and he knows what the Obama assault on it and the defense budget mean as well. Kaplan is also a very cold-eyed realist when it comes to Russia and anyone reading The Revenge of Geography would not laugh off Romney’s warnings but would be shocked at Obama’s dismissiveness of the Putin-era Russia.

The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate

Two other program notes.

Obamalero is now on YouTube.

And Aley the Intern has spilled the secrets of summer in the studio among the radio people.


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