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President Barack Steve Sax Obama –and the Journalist Olympics

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If we gave awards for the most consistently correct reporter/analyst of Campaign 2012 thus far, The Washington Post’s Jen Rubin would be on the medal podium. (First obligatory Olympics reference–see my interview with the New York Times’ John Burns from Monday for more.)
So pay close attention to Rubin’s post this AM in which she brands the president’s latest ad his “I am not a witch” moment. HT: Commentary Magazine’s John Podhoretz tweeting away @jpodhoretz, speaking of people on medal platforms for various media events, tweeting being a demonstration event in 2008 but a main event this year. (There’s a meme: The Journalist Olympics. I only compete in the media decathlon involving straight reporting, television punditry, radio hosting, tweeting, columns new media and dead tree division, blogging, book writing, speechifying, panel/conference participation. Some enterprising young scribbler can chart the whole thing –The Well-Fed and Lubricated Games.)
The president’s ad that Rubin refers to is startling defensive, and it closes with “we are all in this together.” What, exactly, is “this?” Why the complete cluster-collision the president has made of the past 41 months of course. Referencing this mess alone qualifies the ad as unintentionally self-destructive. What president campaigns for re-election on such a condensed admission of failure? Every second of the spot is a whine.
Mitt Romney, by contrast, gave his best speech of the campaign yesterday, serious and presidential, confident about America and strongly supportive of our most supportive allies. Romney finds the enthusiasm of the GOP base rising, the independents/center breaking his way, and money and the volunteers flooding in. All this despite efforts by MSM-defenders of the president trying to make some anti-Romney story “the story” every news cycle, and despite hilariously irrelevant polls which include “registered voters” from California and work off of 5-to-7 point Democratic advantage turn-out models to produce results that tell us the president is ahead in key states or, at worse, the race “very close.” The story is that this is the weakest incumbent of modern times, far weaker than even Jimmy Carter was at this point in 1980. Romney has the momentum heading into August, the Veep selection and the conventions. (The toss-over of Biden looms –August is the most dangerous month for Biden, as panicky Dems try to make him John Nance Gardner.)
I will spend today’s program talking about the president’s struggles his wildly incompetent campaign and his “too-big-to-fail advisors,” but keep an eye on what’s not there: The president is not giving interviews or opening himself to town hall free-for-alls or going off prompter. He’s lost his game and his confidence completely, the Steve Sax of candidates. (Look it up.) I asked it last week and ask it again: What if the president’s core Gallup number –now 44%, having fallen another percent, is a ceiling and not a floor?


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