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Preparing to Defend Defense

Sunday, July 31, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A report in ABC’s The Note by Johnathan Karl outlines an alleged deal on the debt ceiling, one sure to worry and perhaps enrage pro-defense conservatives as the “deal” is said to provide for automatic cuts to Defense spending is a further deal isn’t reached by Thanksgiving.

Automatic cuts to Defense are tantamount to threatening the national security. If Democrats were simply obstinate and ran the clock down, they would put Republicans in the position of choosing between tax hikes and destructive cuts to defense spending.

This is not a good deal and could be a terrible one because the Democrats will not hesitate to play tax hikes off of national defense, which has already absorbed hundreds of billions in cuts. If in four months the six Democrats refuse reforms in entitlements and insist on tax hikes, the six Republicans will be facing the choice between gutting an already overstretched and underfunded military or accepting tax hikes.

I have to hope this report is wrong in crucial details on the trigger and the consequences.

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