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Preparing for the Nightmare

Thursday, February 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the New York Times:

The Pentagon has formed a team of nuclear experts to analyze the fallout from a terrorist nuclear attack on American soil in an effort to identify the attackers, officials have said.

The team, which can draw on hundreds of federal experts, uses such tools as robots that gather radioactive debris and sensitive gear to detect the origins of a device, whether a true atomic weapon or a so-called dirty bomb, that uses ordinary explosives to spew radioactivity.

The objective is to determine quickly who exploded the device and where it came from, in part to clarify the options to strike back, the officials said. The government also hopes that terrorists will be less likely to use a nuclear device if they know that it can be traced.

When the president defended the terrorist surveillance program on Tuesday night, no Democrat stood and applauded. Hillary shook her head over a grim smile of derision.

What world are they living in?

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