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Prager, Koch, Islam, and the Holocaust

Friday, December 15, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has been calling my friend Dennis Prager a bigot and demanding Prager’s ouster from the Holocaust Memorial Commission.

I spoke with Dennis about this absurd charge yesterday, and the transcript is here.

I am very confident in asserting that no broadcast journalist in America has spent more on-air time respectfully interviewing Muslims about Islam than Dennis Prager.  I am similarly certain that very few if any broadcast journalists in America –the exception might be Michael Medved– know more about Islam than Dennis Prager.

I am also certain that Dennis Prager is about as far removed from bigotry as any other broadcast journalist at work in America today.

Ed Koch should look before he libels and read before he rips.

And the Holocaust Memorial Commission should concentrate its energies not on a purge of talent from their number –which they cannot do anyway– but on a careful and sustained repudiation of the Ahmadinejad anti-Holocaust “conference” which has just occurred.  The next Commission meeting begins on Monday, and it should include a detailed rebuttal of every bit of nuttery on display on Tehran.  They don’t have to prepare –Dennis Prager knows the subject cold.

And perhaps Mayor Koch can spare a little condemnation for Ahmadinejad in his next public declamation.

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