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Politics and Entropy

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It is almost cliché now to mention how much the Obama administration has stretched and ignored the constitution and the common conventions of how we have governed ourselves.  Whether through legislative trickery (Obamacare), regulatory overreach (too numerous to mention), or court fiat (same-sex marriage) the American people have pretty much been force fed an agenda that was more than a little debatable, thus circumventing how we do things in this country.  Sadly, that is all now history.  What confronts is where do we go from here?


Consider this picture.  It s a common illustration used to introduce the thermodynamic concept of entropy.  Don’t worry too much about trying to understand entropy.  It is one of the more difficult to understand concepts in science, at least rigorously.  It actually is pretty easy to understand in actual practice.  In that picture the little balls are moving around randomly.  Odds are some of them are going to get through that opening into the chamber on the right.  Now, ask yourself this, “What are the odds that all of the balls are going to end up in one of the chambers?”  The answer is practically zero, that’s pretty intuitive.  That’s entropy.

Our nation has traditionally all been gathered in the left hand chamber.  The Obama administration has created that gap and some things have moved into the right hand chamber.  This creates two closely related questions, 1) How do we close the gap? and 2) Can we get the things back that have escaped?

If you think about it carefully the answers to those questions are also closely related.  Nothing is coming back that has escaped save through the gap, so if you close the gap, they are gone forever.  But if you keep the gap open to retrieve what has already escaped more things are going to escape while you make your retrieval attempts.  Not to mention things are probably going to escape faster than you can retrieve.  Retrieval really is a losing proposition.  Better to close the gap and bid a sad farewell to that which has escaped.

But the mood of the country seems very different right now, not only do we seem to want to chase down what we have lost, we seem to want to tear down the barrier between the chambers to get it back.  That is a formula for chaos and conserves (the root word for “conservative”) nothing.

Much as I disagree with so much that the Obama administration has done, if we really do tear down the barrier, then they win.


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