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Please God, Please…

Thursday, September 15, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Let Lileks get on a jury. Civil case. State law antitrust action. Estimated for a dozen days of trial.

It is a book. It is a magnificent best-selling giant of a book.

I have been in the jury room –once. Criminal case. I was left on the jury by a criminal defense specialist who had been watching me on television for years and thought I might prove overbearing and alienate other jurors and thus trigger a hung jury for his quite obviously guilty client. How could he expect that?

It didn’t work as I said almost nothing. It ended up a hung jury though, and we got out after three full days of deliberations which forever scarred my opinion of our justice system. One juror simply wouldn’t convict –he was married to a public defender, and why the prosecution left him on the case, I’ll never know. Eleven people repeatedly voted to convict, and one no go. Like Maggie T., he wasn’t for turning.

I do know that if Lileks had a jury foreman like my jury foreman, he wouldn’t leave the room a free man. He’d have lunged at her at least, so bizarre was her logic and her process. The Korean-American pastor slept most days of the trial and through much of the deliberations. We had relevant videotape which we had to watch about a thousand times. We had fingerprint evidence. We still couldn’t convict.

It could happen to Lileks. It should happen to Lileks.

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