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Plamegate, RIP

Tuesday, September 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rowan Scarborough writes the obituary of the Joseph Wilson-Valerie Plame Affair in today’s Washington Times.  It is a wonderful read, but Mr. Scarborough, a reporter, does not provide the list of those who, by virtue of their deep and repeated investments in the lies of Joe Wilson and the fevers of the lefty swamp, damaged their credibility beyond repair outside of the swamp.  Perhaps Tom Maguire or some other accomplished Plameologist will provide for us sideliners a convenient scorecard of those whose names ought never to appear in print except as accompanied by the phrase “who was so memorably taken in by Joe Wilson” or “who, it must be remembered, believed deeply in Fitzmas.”

Such a list would be long, and the work hard, but what a service to have in one place, easily linked to, a comprehensive listing of the easily fooled.



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