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“Pelosi firm: No vote on offshore drilling”

Monday, August 4, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Nancy Pelosi says drop dead to American drivers, American fliers, and American manufacturing.

Obama should call on his party’s leaders to allow a vote on offshore drilling on the outer continental shelf. But he won’t. All hat. No cattle. And no spine.

Any vote for any Democrat is a vote for rising gas prices and massive transfers of wealth to OPEC.

Also, “Obama’s Energy Plan,” from Powerline:


Featuring the illustration above, Time reports that McCain supporters in Michigan will distribute tire gauges at Obama’s energy speech in Lansing, and that the RNC will also deliver gauges reading “Obama’s energy plan” to Washington newsrooms. Mary Katharine Ham may want to update her tribute to “Obama on your shoulder” to include his helpful hint on the importance of tire gauges and tune-ups.

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