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Paul Whitefield’s Essay in The Los Angeles Times

Monday, January 22, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Paul Whitefield’s op-ed in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times hits a low point even for that rapidly collapsing paper.  Judge for yourself, but the Vietnam veterans who called the program today after I read it in its entirety were not amused.

Mr. Whitefield declined the opportunity to appear on the program. 

You can cancel you subscription via 1-800-252-9141.

It is possible that Mr. Whitefield is a 60-something Vietnam vet, but I am betting he’s around 30, graduated from a small liberal arts college, and knows no one in the military today, much less any Vietnam veterans.

My other guess is that his e-mail is

UPDATE:  An e-mail from Dan in Burbank:

I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually subscribed to the LA Times (only 3 days a week), but I just redeemed myself and canceled!! I made sure that I spoke to a live person, and their supervisor so they knew exactly why I was canceling my subscription. I informed them that as much as I dislike the Times, I would re-subscribe the minute that Mr. Whitefield prints an apology. I advised them how upset I was over the insulting comments made towards Vietnam Vets. The people that I talked to seemed to be familiar with the reason that I was calling. Your listeners must be calling. I’m not a Vet, since I too graduated from High School in 1974, but my brother did serve in Nam and no, he doesn’t own a Harley, yes, he does have his teeth….ect.
Keep up the good work.
Where, I wonder, were the editors?  And where the management that wonders, month after month, why their newspaper ‘s circulation is crumbling despite its near-monopoly position.


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