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Panicked Pushback and the Press

Wednesday, April 27, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The MSM has been cued to begin the “Medicare backlash” stories and a couple of rent-a-mobs have shown up at a couple of GOP townhalls, and now come the follow on stories proclaiming the demise of the GOP because of Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal.

Just like Wisconsin’s union mobs meant the defeat of Scott Walker and the rejection of Justice Prosser, right?

The left can and does make a lot of noise, but unlike the Tea Party movement and the Obamacare town halls of the summer of 2009, the anti-Ryan noise is fake, and everyone knows it. The American voter is much better informed than the left gives that voter credit for, and the GOP needs only to keep communicating to win this argument, a whole bunch of Senate seats and the presidency.

There is a fiscal crisis. It is here and it is very dangerous. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid can be reformed without changing the benefits of currently retired Americans in any way or even those above the age of 55. We don’t have to raise taxes.

That’s the simple but crucial message that has to be repeated again and again, even as Obama’s allies in the MSM try desperately to change the subject from soaring gas prices and deficits and incoherence abroad.

Paul Ryan will be my guest today to review the specifics of the GOP budget and its proposals for Medicare.

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