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Panic In Obamaland (But Not Among Buckeye Fans)

Sunday, September 14, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Powerline’s John Hinderaker has the details. (HT:

Here’s another e-mail from an enlistee in the Army of Sarahs:

Why do I love Sarah Palin? She validates who I am.

I, too, have maintained peace at home; kept my family fed, healthy, and warm while balancing a budget; raised teenage girls to be successful adults; been a soccer mom and participated in Booster clubs; managed chores and allowances; done carpool; and maintained strong alliances with friends and my husband.

I secretly believe that I could run a small country. But, just try listing the aforementioned qualifications on a job resume in corporate America!

Sarah Palin has done just that. Of course, she has also added “mayor” and “governor to her resume. But, most importantly, she has capitalized on the other qualifications that have been trivialized for too long; and I say “you go girl!”

The more the “left” labels her “inexperienced,” the more I rally behind her, because I understand her qualifications. She is me!

For more on the backlash against MSM, don’t miss Charles Krauthammer’s rebuke of Charlie Gibson, which concludes:

Yes, Sarah Palin didn’t know what [the Bush Doctrine] is. But neither does Charlie Gibson. And at least she didn’t pretend to know — while he looked down his nose and over his glasses with weary disdain, sighing and “sounding like an impatient teacher,” as the Times noted. In doing so, he captured perfectly the establishment snobbery and intellectual condescension that has characterized the chattering classes’ reaction to the mother of five who presumes to play on their stage.

The backlash against MSM for the protection-racket its members are running for Obama is combining with the growing unease about Obama’s abilities to create a huge shift in the electorate, one based upon clarity as to the stark choice before them at the top of the ticket, and deep affinity with and growing affection for Sarah Palin.

Finally, congrats to USC, which is a great football team. The Bucks need Wells, and when he is back and the Bucks run the table to the rematch with SC in the national championship game or the Rose Bowl, all will be made clear.

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