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“Palin By Comparison”

Sunday, August 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My new column is up. It looks at a couple more of the unique aspects of Governor Palin’s experience.

Question: Would you rather have Barack Obama or Sarah Palin in charge of post-hurricane rescue and relief efforts? Who has had more experience with such situations?

And be sure to read this by Annette Budd, which I think reflects the thinking of many many women.

And this by John Mark Reynolds, which I think reflects the thinking of many, many men.

One more aside: Annette’s piece was flagged for me by blogger Josh Brage –just a bit of a Nebraska fan. I am always impressed when one blogger promotes the work of another blogger.

One more aside: I hope Team McCain starts “Small Town Mayors for Palin” asap. The left’s mocking of Palin’s public service as a mayor and city council member isn’t going to travel well outside the big urban centers which, after all, generally function so well compared to small towns.

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