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Palin Around

Monday, September 1, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A great column by The Manhattan Institute’s Lisa Schiffren, “The Fighter Pilot and the Moose Hunter.” (HT: Powerline) Key graph:

Is it irresponsible to put a half-term governor in the vice presidential slot? It depends on her record. But surely for a Washington novice, the vice presidency is more appropriate than the presidency. A half-term governor has more claim to leadership and experience than does a one-third-term U.S. senator who has risen through a big-city political machine. Palin is a woman of action, moreover, who has used her political capital at every stage to fight corruption and bad policy. It’s hard to find anyone in politics who does that; pols “save” their capital instead, as Obama has done by voting “present” on numerous occasions, lest spending it cost them something somewhere down the road. Her personal profile-raising five children, hunting, fishing, and being a real NRA member-make an appealing contrast with the overly cerebral, political calculations of those who merely hold positions and whose lives have been led in the service of their r?sum?s.

I am not going to write on the insanity that has swept parts of the left when it comes to Governor Palin, except to note that I never expected The Atlantic to allow its reputation, earned over long decades of excellence, to be dirtied with such sleaze.

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