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“Paid For By Obama For America”

Saturday, February 2, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I heard a powerful Obama ad on K-Earth 101 while driving this morning. That’s the ’60s/’70s rock station. The pitch combined some fine Obama audio on change and the future with clips from the scores of newspaper endorsements the Illinois senator has racked up.

When you pull in $32 million in January, you can play in a variety of micro-markets.

If the GOP sends a 72-year into this race whose prime was from a different time at least two generations back to campaign solely on the need to win the current war, even his hero status won’t help him against the tsunami that is building. Dole ’96 will seem like an energized, cutting edge effort by comparison.

Perhaps there is some recognition of this in U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s endorsement of Romney this morning. She can’t be looking forward to a Senate GOP caucus reduced to a rump by an Obama-led blowout fueled by tens of millions that McCain cannot hope to match.

UPDATE: More Obama “wow.”

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