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Candidate Interviews Since GOP Debate #2 But Prior To Paris Attacks

Friday, November 20, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here are the links to the candidate interviews I conducted after the first debate on which I was a panelist and prior to the terror attacks in Paris on 11/13

Donald Trump, audio and transcript, 11/5

Carly Fiorina, audio and transcript, 11/3

Lindsey Graham, audio and transcript, 11/3

Mike Huckabe, audio and transcript, 11/3

Ted Cruz, audio and transcript, 11/2

Carly Fiorina, audio and transcript 10/23

John Kasich, audio and transcript, 10/23

Donald Trump, audio and transcript, 10/22

Lindsey Graham, audio and transcript, 10/22

Chris Christie, audio and transcript, 10/21

Bobby Jindal, audio and transcript, 10/20,

Carly Fiorina, audio and transcript, 10/9

Ted Cruz, audio and transcript, 10/8; 9/30 (with guest host Jamie Weinstein)

Jeb Bush, audio and transcript, 10/8

Mike Huckabee, audio and transcript, 10/7

Lindsey Graham, audio and transcript, 10/6; 9/29; 9/23

Chris Christie, audio and transcript, 10/5

Dr. Ben Carson, audio and transcript 10/1

Bobby Jindal, audio and transcript 10/1

Carly Fiorina, audio and transcript 9/25

Rick Santorum, audio and transcript, 9/25

John Kasich, audio and transcript, 9/24

Donald Trump, audio and transcript, 9/21

Marco Rubio, audio and transcript, 9/18

NB: The 40 candidate interviews between GOP Debate 1 and Debate 2


THE Issue for Our Time

Friday, November 20, 2015  |  posted by John Schroeder

In her regular weekend column for the WSJ, Peggy Noonan waxes her usual eloquent on Obama’s vacant and clueless reaction to Paris.  And in that typical eloquence she says something extraordinary:

After the attacks Mr. Obama went on TV, apparently to comfort us and remind us it’s OK, he’s in charge. He prattled on about violence being at odds with “universal values.” He proceeded as if unaware that there are no actually universal values, that right now the values of the West and radical Islam are clashing, violently, and we have to face it. [emphasis added]

Let that sink in for just a minute – there are no universal values.  Values have to be cultivated and promoted and defended.  They must be cherished and passed on generation to generation.  Values must be institutionalized and preserved.  They must be personalized and held close to our hearts.  Anything less and they simply wither, like a volunteer tomato plant the year after you planted them.

That Obama is clueless about this is old news.  What concerns me is if the American people know this.  Noonan went on in her piece to say, “…Hillary Clinton Thursday delivered a speech on her strategy to face the current crisis; it sounded a lot like Mr. Obama’s strategy, whatever that is. ”  One of the major candidates for the presidency is as clueless about values and their care as the current president and yet she tends to out poll the current GOP crop, barely.  What Obama’s re-election (fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me) and Hillary’s current standing in the polls tells us is that a very significant number of Americans have failed to cultivate values in themselves and their loved ones. Continue Reading

Sarah Palin On Her New Book “Sweet Freedom,” 2016, and Legalizing Dope

Thursday, November 19, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I begin the third hour talking with former GOP vice president nominee Sarah Palin about her new book, Sweet Dreams.

The audio: 11-19hhs-palin

The transcript:

HH: So pleased to welcome this hour, Sarah Palin, former governor of [Alaska], former vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party. She’s the author of many fine books, you can follow her on Twitter, @SarahPalinUSA. Her brand-new is very different from her previous books – Sweet Freedom is a devotional. Governor Palin, welcome back, always a pleasure to talk to you on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

SP: Thank you so much, it’s such an honor. I tell you, you’re doing a great job and you’re teaching a lot of us a lot of things, so thank you.

HH: Well, you’re welcome. Tell me why, I want to talk politics with you, but first of all, devotional, I didn’t see that coming, Sarah Palin, and it’s a beautifully-written book. It’s a typical daily devotional. Christians would be familiar with this – Day Two, 15, Day One, 34, lots of places for notes. Why did you do it?

SP: It is, on the surface, yes, a very typical devotional, but I wanted to do this one different in compiling the lessons, the verses, the parables, different aspects of Scripture, Old and New Testament, that happened to give us the specific, precise answers to the challenges that we’re facing as a nation right now politically and national security-wise even and of course, as individuals because everybody’s facing a challenge or a battle. It is amazing, Hugh, that you can go the Old and New Testament and find answers and solutions to all these things that politicians are really struggling with. Continue Reading

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