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The Red Cross Blocked

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The Fox News Channel’s Major Garrett was just on my show extending the story he had just reported on Brit Hume’s show: The Red Cross is confirming to Garrett that it had prepositioned water, food, blankets and hygiene products for delivery to the Superdome and the Convention Center in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, but were blocked from delivering those supplies by orders of the Louisiana state government, which did not want to attract people to the Superdome and/or Convention Center. Garrett has no paper trail yet, but will follow up on his verbal confirmation from sources at the highest levels of the Red Cross.

The transcript of the interview will be available at Radioblogger later this afternoon.

And here is a very interesting article from Septmber of 2004:

Debate continues over Superdome as potential hurricane shelter

Seems that the debate over using the Superdome goes back almost a year, and that no one in New Orleans thought it would be a great place in a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane.

Key graphs:

‘If we were to lose power, if we were to lose plumbing facilities, if a storm were to hit and create flooding in the area; the Superdome would not be a desirable place to be,’


OSU v. Texas Hurricane Relief

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It is sad that many have decided to make an issue of the obvious college football superiority of the Buckeyes over the Longhorns, especially in this season of kind feelings towards the huge heart of Texas. Heart aside though, while the Longhorns could romp over USC, this is Ohio State we are talking about, not Tommy Trojan. And the game is in Columbus!

But to make the trouncing of Texas less painful to the Lone Star citizens, I have decided to use the game to good ends. I have bet one delusional Texas fan $100 of relief donation to the charity of his choice or my choice depending on the game’s victor. I do feel a bit bad as this really isn’t much of a risk for me. May I suggest other similarly deluded Lonhorn lovers e-mail me their willingness to wager, and Buckeye fans their willingness to match. I am told bookies keep the action even on both sides, so I’ll try and keep a running total.

BTW: Way to go Babalu Blog, though I suspect you are not Irish.

And here’s a great e-mail:


We have created a measage board for people to post what they wish to donate.

You can check that out. We also created a ‘latest update’

Join Hughniverse - First Month 99 cents Join Hughniverse - First Month 99 cents Join Hughniverse - First Month 99 cents

The Gifts That Just Keep on Giving

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NZ Bear’s scoreboard is a preview of the Buckeye’s offense against a USC defense in this year’s Rose Bowl —the numbers keep rising.

Please give generously to any of these great causes.

I am supporting Canal Street Presbyterian Church in the heart of New Orleans and the special fund at SoldiersAngels for the families of military deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan that have been impacted by Katrina.

If you are in Southern California and can spare a truck for ten days (they have the drivers) or collect baby care supplies from a local grocer, check at HurricanKatrinaKidsRelief for the info on a Saturday collection. They are looking for supplies in bulk –already packaged for delivery– and they may need additional truck(s) and certainly can use some donations to help with gas. The drop zone is Woodbridge High School in Irvine, California this Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5 PM.

The Collins Moment

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Maine’s Senator Susan Collins chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and along with ranking Democratic member Senator Joseph Lieberman, announced today that the Committee will investigate what happened in New Orleans last week.

If the Committee conducts a fair investigation, it will be a very useful exercise for America. Judging from Senator Lieberman’s comments at the press conference today, in which he bluntly concluded that “governmental failures in preparing for and repsonding to Hurricane Katrina allowed much more human sufering and property destruction to occur than should have, that is the sad and stunning fact,” this is not going to be an inquest, but a penalty phase.

Someone ought to have asked Senator Lieberman exactly how much more human life was lost and property damage occured because of “governmental failures.” Since he can assert as “stunning fact” that such losses occured, he should be asked to quantify this additional loss with at least a rough estimate, and to give us at least his preliminary assessment of responsibility.

Lieberman and his colleagues on the Committee –Carl Levin, Daniel Akaka, Tom Carper, Mark Dayton, Frank Lautenberg, and Mark Pryor– aren’t going to be in a hurry to expose the New Orleans mayor and their Democratic colleague Governor Blanco.

The Republicans on this Committee: Senator Collins, Ted Stevens, John Warner, Pete Domenici, Robert Bennett, Lincoln Chafee, George Voiovich, Norm Coleman and Tom Coburn. Not exactly the nine GOP senators I’d send out for in this situation, but it will be Collins’ job to make sure these nine don’t get rolled by the Dems. Norm Coleman has been a star on the UN investigations front. I hope he gets a lot of assistance from his colleagues in this effort.

The President is going to get flayed by the Democrats in this bunch, with only Stevens, Bennett, Coleman and Coburn as reliable and tough investigators cartain to stand up to MSM slings and arrows. It is Collins’ job to make sure that the hearings focus the country’s attention on chain-of-command and the mayor’s and the governor’s roles before they began accusing the feds of being the cause of all their problems.

The stakes will be very high for the members of this committee.

Here’s more Lieberman:

“There is another America that is left behind, and um, and you can call for a mandatory evacuation but if thousands of people don’t have the means to evacuate, then government has to be able to provide them with that and clearly government didn’t, so those are random…that’s probably more than I should have said that just jump out at all of us, and we want to get under them and find out how it happened and make sure it never happens again.”

Note that before the first witness has been called, Liebermnan has already exonerated the New orleans and Louisiana governments from the most serious charge they face –that of inexcusble delay in ordering an evacuation.

Yeah, it is going to be a fair inquiry.

I hope House Speaker Hastert and House Majority Leader Delay insist on a special committee to conduct this inquiry on their side of the Congress, and that they include every prosecutor in the body. The deck is clearly stacked in the Senate to convict President Bush and his team of at least negligence. It would be wonderful to have a committee with leadership ready to call partisan posturing just that look into this subject as well.


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