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Want to help?

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NZ Bear has a comprehenisve directory of on-line efforts to help the victims of Katrina.

I am told by my friends at World that my column this week has prompted many inquiries from individual churches how to find a church in need of a partner.

Here’s a list of PCUSA congregations in the recovery region.

Ed Brenager has lots more thoughts.

But the key is to jump on the web and find a partner church. There are thousands of congregations in the area devastated by the storm. Pastor, author and theologian MarkDRoberts went online and searched until he found one he thought would match his congregation well, and was surprised to see it was led by an old friend of his that had taken a pulpit in the heart of New orleans at Canal Street Presbyterian Church.

It isn’t hard to find the need. It is difficult to find the long-term commitment to go with such a partnership.

One more pitch as I am traveling tomorrow: My friend Todd Sousa is getting a great response to his call for kids’ supplies (in bulk, from stores –no individual drop-offs, please.) He can use more stuff, but especially more trucks if they are out there.

The collection point is Woodbridge High School in Irvine, CA, on Saturday from 1 to 5 PM.


Selecting the Select Committee

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The Senate and House have agreed on a single select committee, comprised of members from both bodies, to investigate the aftermath of Katrina.

Personnel will make or break this committee. The GOP should name Senators McConnell, Kyl, and Coleman –the three best questioners I have seen, with Senator Hatch a close fourth. I understand Senator Collins gets the nod as well because of her position as Chair of Homeland Security. I can’t imagine more than five GOP senators on the committee, so if Senator Frist is making sure that this doesn’t become a repeat of the 9/11 Commission, he’ll ask these members to serve.

(Pray that Reid puts Leahy/Biden/Schumer/Durbin on the committee.)

On the House side, Haster and DeLay will know their toughest prosecutors, and they should get the nod. No old and tired time servers, but young and aggressive battlers who will know how to follow up a question without the help of a note-card from staff.

Which brings up the question of who will serve as lead counsel to the Committee. Believe it or not, this is the key personnel choice, and the lawyer in charge of the staff’s investigation, and the all important use of the subpoena, had better be a tried and true prosecutor who will not be intimidated by the slime machine of the left. I suspect former House Impeachment Manager, state legislator, judge and prosecutor James Rogan is available, but if not, someone in that mold.

Watch the staff. That’s the first clue as to whether Majority Leader Frist and the House leadership understand the stakes.

Aren’t We Journalists Great?

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Self-congratulation is the theme of the St. Petersburg Times look at the various talking heads who swamped New orleans last week. Especially appaling is Campbell Brown’s pull quote (HT: Mediabistro):

“Watching the power struggles play out between New Orleans officials and the state and federal government has been beyond frustrating. … They let the bureaucracy get in the way of saving lives,” said Brown, the anchor on NBC’s weekend Today show, who grew up in Louisiana. “A lot of people died, I believe unnecessarily. And there has to be some accountability.”

Now, Ms. Brown, exactly what did you “watch,” and could you describe the “power struggles” for us? Or does the use of a vague generaliziation cover for the fact that you have no specific power struggle to report?

And since you are certain that “a lot of people died,” and “unnecessarily” at that, could you give us a number to go along with that “a lot,” and your basis for so concluding? After that bit of fact finding, could you assign us blame for those deaths which –their being “unnecessary” after all, carry with them your quite intimation of culpability.

Note that we are apparently supposed to credit Ms. brown with greater authority because of her origins in Louisiana.

This is as a bizarre story as Campbell’s preening and moral posing is routine for journalists fresh from their week in a windbreaker on the front lines.

What is truly amazing is that the whole lot of them seem to think that the public esteems them for what they do.

We will invite Ms. Brown on the program today, just as we did David Gregory today. The odds that either will accept is near zero. You can guess why.


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