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A Gathering of Heroes

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I will broadcast today from Phoenix and the annual “Medal of Honor Convention,” which hosts the living recipients of the nation’s highest honor. The Medal of Honor Foundation hosts the event annually, and also publishes the Medal of Honor: Portrait of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty book and DVD which contains a biography of 117 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Louisiana wants $40 billion in Army Corps of Engineer projects. Whatever the final cost, it will be in billions, and the Senate Republicans should insist that as part of the package, reforms in the federal Endangered Sprecies Act –similar to this that are poised to pass the House– be included in the appropriation so that the notoriously expense-increasing and private property rights destroying ESA not delay or increase the costs of these projects or other Corps projects across the country. A simple tightening of deadlines widely abused by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when the Corps “consults” with that agency under the ESA would be a huge step forward.

Instapundit has much more on the proposed ACOE funding.

This is a crucial week in Israeli politics as Likud ponders tossing out Prime Minister Sharon from its leadership position, almost certainly triggering a major realignment in Israeli politics and early elections.

It could also be the week when the president unveils his new SCOTUS choice. Though conventional wisdom suggests he will wait until Judge Roberts is confirmed. The argument for going now is that the debate on the Senate floor would proide a great opportunity to set up the next nominee for the battle ahead. The Roberts hearings underscores that the more the public knows about Bush nominees to the bench, the better off those nominees do. Only when the Democrats left fringe in the Senate combine with tilted media coverage can the nominees be successfully smeared.

Watch ConfirmThem and BenchMemos for more.

Or we might read the name here first. Heh.

Lorie Byrd provides a round up of crcuial links on the fizzled anti-war protests of the weekend. A pathetic turnout. Even the first anti-Vietnam protest, way back in 1965, drew 16,000 to the White House. Four years later, the crowd passed 250,000. But the fringe left today, even with massive MSM support cannot get 2,000 folks together.

The Washington Post warns that Senator Frist’s stock sale “adds to GOP ethics troubles,” and added that the charges against Frist “have handed Democrats a chance to broaden their long-stated claim that Republicans push ethical boundaries and focus on laws that help the rich, political analysts said yesterday.” No word from the paper or the “political analysts” on Chuckaquiddick’s impact on the Dems’ reputation for felony-level dirty tricks.

And David Allen White and Mark Roberts have weighed in at OneTrueGodBlog on the suffering following the two hurricanes.


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I have posted a new question over at

The content of the participants’ posts is everything I had hoped for and expected, and we are working out the format. I am still in need of a liberal protestant who would like to join the other center-to-right theologians and scholars at work on the blog.


approves of the approach. But an e-mail from a reader forwarded me her pastor’s response to my search for a liberal theologian:

Hi J_,

Thanks for sending me this link. Interesting premise he has for this Blog. The “One True God Blog” is a bit difficult though J_. It is in mainstream church conversation a bit of a “shock” phrase and for many of us — and truly, many of my liberal friends would not consider me all that much of a liberal— that phrase “One True God” is a code word for judgemental, exclusive, religion. Wars done in support of Jesus Christ– the crusades for instance. Fighting about issues of religion and government — which are interesting, but in a world where religion is used by oppressive regimes to bring forth their agendas, its hard to want to engage with this type of image. I hope this makes sense. I would urge you to look at a couple of “liberal” Blogs and see if they might be interested in engaging in this conversation.
Thanks J_ and I look forward to talking soon.


OneClearCall posts before the OneTrueGodBlog participants get out of the blocks.


Mark Daniels has more. As does the Baroness.


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