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This Most Interesting Weekend

Sunday, November 27, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

Thanksgiving weekend – families gather and all sorts of junk, normally packed neatly away the rest of the year, gets exposed afresh – not always much fun.  In years of a transition presidential election, it is amazing what gets exposed.  It’s also the weekend when all sorts of junk comes out of storage (Christmas decorations that is) and the joyous season of anticipation begins.  Advent does not always start on Thanksgiving weekend, but regardless Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas season.  And this year Advent does commence on Thanksgiving weekend; all the better.

What’s sad though is if we carry the unpleasantness that is often stirred up at Thanksgiving into the Christmas season.  Christmas is all about new beginnings.  It marks the time when God decided to try something different in His dealings with we imperfect people.  But as different as the New Testament seems from the Old, I am always amazed at how similar they are. Continue Reading


Thursday, November 24, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

Psalm 30

I praise you, Lord, because you have saved me
    and kept my enemies from gloating over me.
I cried to you for help, O Lord my God,
    and you healed me;
    you kept me from the grave.
I was on my way to the depths below,
    but you restored my life.

Sing praise to the Lord,
    all his faithful people!
Remember what the Holy One has done,
    and give him thanks!
His anger lasts only a moment,
    his goodness for a lifetime.
Tears may flow in the night,
    but joy comes in the morning.

I felt secure and said to myself,
    “I will never be defeated.”
You were good to me, Lord;
    you protected me like a mountain fortress.
But then you hid yourself from me,
    and I was afraid.

I called to you, Lord;
    I begged for your help:
“What will you gain from my death?
    What profit from my going to the grave?
Are dead people able to praise you?
    Can they proclaim your unfailing goodness?
Hear me, Lord, and be merciful!
    Help me, Lord!”

You have changed my sadness into a joyful dance;
    you have taken away my sorrow
    and surrounded me with joy.
So I will not be silent;
    I will sing praise to you.
Lord, you are my God;
    I will give you thanks forever.

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC Talking Trump Transition

Tuesday, November 22, 2016  |  posted by Duane Patterson

First, with Stephanie Ruhle and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post

Later, with Steve Kornacki and Howard Dean.

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