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The Mark

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There is a whole area of Christian study about the end times.  People spend life times reading cryptic dream passages in Revelations and Daniel and attempt to tell us how the end of everything will play out.  It gets a bit ridiculous, frankly.

For example, there are scriptures:

and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

That has been coming true for pretty much all of history.  When paper money first appeared, it was the “mark of the beast.”  And then credit cards – and now, “Apple Pay.”  So many times in history have people thought this was happening only to find out not so much that I have given up trying.  That is the thing about predicting the end times, God has a way of telling us what is going to happen and then when He does it, it looks entirely different than what we thought it would.  If there is a consistentcy to God’s actions throughout history, that’s it – that people generally don’t recognize them without the benefit of historical perspective.

But I will admit to a spooky air about this story:

The first signs of a problem started to emerge around 2014: More young people said the felt overwhelmed and depressed. College counseling centers reported sharp increases in the number of students seeking treatment for mental health issues.

Even as studies were showing increases in symptoms of depression and in suicide among adolescents since 2010, some researchers called the concerns overblown and claimed there simply isn’t enough good data to reach that conclusion.

The idea that there’s an epidemic in anxiety or depression among youth “is simply a myth,” psychiatrist Richard Friedman wrote in The New York Times last year. Others suggested young people were simply more willing to get help when they needed it. Or perhaps counseling centers’ outreach efforts were becoming more effective.

But a new analysis of a large representative survey reinforces what I – and others – have been saying: The epidemic is all too real. In fact, the increase in mental health issues among teens and young adults is nothing short of staggering.

In a time of great prosperity, that is a truly stunning finding.  One must ask how could we find ourselves in such a mess.

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In One Fell Swoop…

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Well, one fell tweet anyway.  AOC this morning, responding to New Zealand:

What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?

And thus she moves from inane, nonsensical and amusing public figure to something much uglier.  God forbid that my sincere expression of love and sympathy to the survivors of the victims not rise to Ms. Cortez’ standards.  It’s amazing, but grieving people often focus on their loss and grief before they focus on Ms. Cortez’ or anyone else’s politics.  Some of us want to minister to that grief and loss before we start worrying about laws, movements, or causes.  Forget until a paragraph or two from now the deep religious signifigance to this and focus simply on the humanity.  Apparently in AOC-world there is no room for grief or mourning, and if you do dare take the time to do so, you best express it in more “acceptable” ways.  But then AOC is hardly the first grandstanding politician to step on someone’s grief and faith in an effort to advance their “thing.”

Yes, I confess, this particular liberal sentiment is a deep pet peeve of mine.  But then I think it reasonable to be peeved in the face of bigotry.

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News and Education

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One cannot approach the news or writing this day without noting the events in New Zealand.  But please, spare me the politicization.  This was a group, likely a small group, of crazies doing heinous evil.  Manifesto and victims notwithstanding, it is not about guns, immigration, religion, skin color or anything like that.  It is about evil and people that have let evil take root in their hearts.  Be angry at the evil, decry it, mourn the victims and grieve with their families, but once, just once, can we not recognize evil as evil and not make it about issue A, B or C?  The tradgedy is almost too much for us to bear.  But bear it we must and overreaction does not help.

On to other things.

When the college entrance scandal broke, guest-host Ed Morrisey and Duane pointed out that it was the nearly perfect talk radio subject. It elicits so many emotions, responses and reactions that one could go on for days.  Everybody has a take – the illusion of meritocracythe hypocrisiesthe moral bankruptcy – and my personal favorite is the mass of litigation to follow in its wake.  I bet my wife last night that this litigatory wave will be quickly quieted with large settlements hastily offered.  Makes me wish I had a college aged kid right now – it’ll be a feeding frenzy, but it’ll be a quiet, settled one.  The universities, many massively endowed, will use a good bit of that endowment to keep this out of the papers as much as possible.

But little commented upon, at least as far as I have seen, is how utterly tragic this story is for the students involved and for what it means for education itself.

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The All-Too-Predictable College Admissions Scandal

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This week on the Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt:

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey discusses the college bribery scandal with Jay Matthews, author of “Harvard Schmarvard.”

Mike Gallagher looks into the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max.

Dennis Prager takes on those who self-identify as racists while Larry Elder gives his take on reparations.

That’s just a few of the highlights.  Get the entire program here.   Sign up for the podcast and never miss a show!


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