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Carly Fiorina On The Debates Ahead

Thursday, February 4, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Carly Fiorina joined me in hour three today (interview #151 with would be GOP nominees since the first GOP debate):




HH: Earlier today, Carly Fiorina sent a letter to the Republican National Committee that reads, “To the chairman and the members of the Republican National Committee, our debate process is broken. Networks are making up these debate rules as they go along, not to be able to fit the candidates on the stage, but arbitrarily to decide which candidates make for the best TV in their opinion. Now it is time for the RNC to act in the best interest of the party that it represents. In 2012,” Ms. Fiorina continues, “The debate featured eight candidates until the Iowa Caucuses, and then all declared candidates still in the race were invited from that point forward, including the ABC New Hampshire debate. As of today, I will be the only candidate kept off the debate stage. To review, we beat Governors Christie and Kasich in Iowa this week when voters actually had their say. This campaign has the same number of delegates as Governor Bush and Kasich, while Governor Christie has zero. We’re ahead of Dr. Carson in New Hampshire polling. We are sixth in hard dollars raised, and we have twice as much cash on hand as either Governors Christie or Kasich. We’re already on the ballot in 32 states, and there’s a ground game with paid staff in 12 states. Yet all of these candidates will be invited to the ABC debate. I will not. There are only eight candidates left. It is time for the RNC to demand that media executives step aside and let the voters hear from all of us. I trust you will act appropriately, Carly Fiorina,” who joins me now, the 151st interview I have done with a would-be GOP nominee since August. Carly Fiorina, welcome back.

CF: Thank you, Hugh, thanks for having me.

HH: Glad to read your letter. What’s the response been?

CF: Nothing, yet.

HH: And do you think that the RNC has authority given the arrangements made with the networks, I genuinely don’t know the answer to this, to impact the networks?

CF: Well, I don’t know, but I would certainly hope so, because after all, this is a Republican primary. The media doesn’t get to decide, although the media has been trying to decide all along. The media has been telling people how this race was going to go. The media has been trying to say it’s a two person race, it’s a three person race. The media has gotten a lot of things wrong. And meanwhile, we haven’t had a single primary. We just had the first caucus, and we exceeded expectations once again. Now we’re going into the primary. I think voters need to hear from the eight people who are left, because eight people have dropped. And when I started this race, I was 17 out of 16. Nobody polled my name. 4% of voters had heard of me. And I have outlasted Perry, Jindal, Walker, Pataki, Huckabee, Graham, Santorum, the list goes on. I’ve earned my place on this debate stage, but sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve had to fight for my earned place on the debate stage. Continue Reading

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Wednesday, February 3, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Former Florida Jeb Bush joined me for my 150th interview with a would-be GOP nominee since the first debate this past August:




HH: I’m flying to Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday. I’ll be on with Jake on Friday, Meet The Press on Sunday. Everybody is fixed on New Hampshire, and of course, that’s where we find former Florida Governor Jeb Bush today. Governor Bush, welcome back, it is always a pleasure to speak with you.

JB: It’s an honor to be with you. It’s 39 degrees here in Manchester, and it hasn’t stopped raining the entire day. But when you get here, it’ll be beautiful and sunshiney, I’m sure.

HH: I was watching you with Jake Tapper a little bit earlier. It did look a little bit cold. But I have some trepidation. The last time I spoke with you, Halperin and Heilemann were in the room with you, and Tim Miller was briefing you about me. And I’m afraid I’m being filmed even as I’m talking to you. So assure they’re not in the room or something, that…

JB: No, no, no, you’re fine. You’re safe here.

HH: It’s a safe zone.

JB: The NSA is not checking out any of this, either.

HH: Okay, good.

JB: So the metadata program wasn’t reauthorized, the means by which is should have been. We’re all safe.

HH: Let me begin by asking you about Hillary Clinton, because tonight on FX, a series about O.J. Simpson gets underway. Tomorrow, on Showtime, a series about Madoff gets underway. O.J. was guilty, but he was never convicted. Madoff was guilty. He was convicted. Do you think Hillary Clinton is guilty of violating our national security laws? And if so, do you think she’ll ever face conviction for it?

JB: I don’t know. I don’t want to pass judgment on what the legal aspects of this are, but clearly, she has not told the truth. Clearly, she did something that jeopardized the national security by using a private server and allowing for top secret information to go over it. And she’s covered it up. It required a subpoena from the FBI to be able to get this information. And she’s not told the truth across the board, so whether it’s, you know, a criminal offense of not, I’m not just not qualified to answer that. But this is a leading indicator that she can’t be trusted as president of the United States, because it’s not just this issue. It’s across, her entire public life has been of cover ups and of pursuing her ambitions at the expense of the things that she should have been doing. Continue Reading

Governor Chris Christie On The Race In The Granite State

Tuesday, February 2, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened the show today:




HH: Not interesting, America, exactly right. And I’m going to brag about it all day long. Morning glory and evening grace, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show on the day after Iowa. I begin with Governor Chris Christie who is in New Hampshire. Governor, your reaction to last night’s results?

CC: Pretty predictable, Hugh. I mean, you know, I’ve been saying all week to people that Donald Trump was not going to win the Iowa Caucuses, that Ted Cruz was going to, and that Marco Rubio was going to come in third. So you know, everything else is a yawn. I think Iowa did nothing to change the equation of this race in any way at all. You know, Marco Rubio spent $5 million dollars more than Ted Cruz in Iowa to come in third. So you know, I don’t think he should be, you know, walking around as if he won something. He beat Ben Carson. Congratulations.

HH: Scott Brown endorsed Donald Trump today. Does that matter?

CC: Does Scott Brown endorsing Donald Trump today matter? I don’t think so. Scott Brown hasn’t won an election since 2010. So I don’t think it really matters. And that was in Massachusetts, by the way. Continue Reading

“The Wave” And Winning Back the Nation

Tuesday, February 2, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

My wife and I are walkers.  Most evenings we go out for a 3-4 mile walk.  Many nights we almost die.  We live in a high density suburb with lots of traffic.  We are always crossing the street somewhere.  We work very hard to only use cross walks and obey signals, yet virtually every evening there is a near miss.  Most of the time the cars keep moving as if we are non-existent.  The “nice” ones will wave and smile as if it is somehow a blessing from them that they even notice they almost ran us over.  I find that wave most disconcerting.

No one says “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” anymore.  Oh no, that might violate their precious sense of self-worth and well-being.  Apparently the best they can do is muster acknowledgement that someone outside their immediate frame of reference exists.  Sunday I wrote about vulgarity.  This behavior is another sign of it.  Among the things defining vulgarity is a lack of charm.  Certainly the simple graces of life, “excuse me” or “I’m sorry,” would count as charm.  On Sunday I said this vulgarity was “the single most visible evidence of the decreasing influence of Christianity in the public sphere.”

But I also think it is the key to re-evangelizing the nation. Continue Reading

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