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The American Left, The Democratic Party, Israel and the Elections of 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The final vote on the House resolution supporting Israel was, unlike its counterpart in the Senate, not unanimous.  Eight voted against the resolution and four voted “present.  All but one, the libertarian leaning Ron Paul, were Democrats, and not just backbenchers.  Conyers, Dingell, Rahall, Stark and Abercrombie are ranking members –and presumptive chairs if Democrats regain a majority in November– of Judiciary, Energy and Commerce, Resources, the Health Subcommittee of Ways and Means, and the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of Armed Services, respectively.

If Democrats win in November, all these gavels fall into hands of Members who voted against Israel even as she was under a massive and continuing barrage of terrorist rocket attacks.

At the same time that these high profile and powerful Democrats turned their backs on Israel, the party’s lefty netroots are themselves home to not just anti-Israel but often anti-Semitic voices. The anti-Semitic cartoons posted at The DailyKos are just the most obvious example of this disturbing trend.

Don’t belive me.  Believe HuffPo contributor Sheldon Drobny. The anti-Israel left and the anti-Semitic fringe have nested within the Democratic Party along with the rest of the fever swamp. It isn’t Harry Truman’s Democratic Party anymore.

The undeniable fact is that a pro-Israel practical voter will pull the GOP lever in November no matter which candidate’s name is on the ballot for the House or Representatives or Senate.

The undeniable fact is that a pro-Israel practical contributor will donate to the National Republican Congressional Committee as the best means of keeping the solidly pro-Israel GOP in control of the Chamber.

And the pro-Israel practical contributor will seek to add to the GOP’s solidly pro-Israel Senate majority by donating to the four GOP candidates seeking to take a Senate seat away from the Democrats. They are:

Tom Kean, Jr. in New Jersey;

Mark Kennedy in Minnesota;

Mike McGavick in Washington State; and

Michael Steele in Maryland.

Longtime pro-Israel Democrats have a tough time coming to grips with their party’s slow turning from Israel, a turning most manifest in the fecklessness exhibited towards the wider war on global terror and Islamism.

But when senior Democrats –future Chairmen of key committees if the majority turns!– turn away from Israel during such a week, a friend of Israel has to be in deep denial not to recognize that the American alliance with and friendship for Israel is best served –by a great margin– by strengthening the GOP majorities on the Hill in both bodies.


IDF Milbloggers? Support for Israel?

Friday, July 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yoni’s one, of course.  But are there others?  If so, send me a link please.  Perhaps TruthLaidBear can add a subset of regional milbloggers to his superb crisi blog aggregator.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the regulars.  MudvilleGazette has a great background post on Hezbollah.

And his Milblogs aggregator is a daily must read.  Blackfive and Chester too.

Treppenwitz stopped by today to say thanks for the shout out yesterday.  His bar fight post is here.

Treppenwitz is urging Israelis to give blood.  Israel’s Ambassador to the US is urging Americans to travel to Israel. (“Israel is a great, thriving place. I wouldn’t recommend now going to the north, but Tel Aviv and the southern part of the country is really thriving, and just keep coming.”)

If you can’t do either, contribute to the American Friends of Magen David Adom.

When Hezbollah is disarmed and the Iranian mullahs’ and Syrian Baathists’ influence ended in lebanon, I am certain I and many other supporters of Israel will contribute to and help raise funds for Lebanese reconstruction.

But for now, Israel is the country under terrorist attack, and the U.S. should stand with Israel.

The resolutions in support of Israel from House and Senate this week were great, btw, but where’s an emergency appropriation to assist our steadfast ally? has a comprehensive list of milbloggers,  with a couple of civilian Israelis thrown in, including the just added ViewFromanIsraeliBunker.

Name Those Terrorists

Friday, July 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


The Los Angeles Times avoids the “t” word: 

Hezbollah guerrillas and Israeli troops waged intense daylong firefights just inside Lebanese territory.”

“Rocket fire directed at northern Israel by Hezbollah eased today…”

“On the heaviest days of guerrilla attacks…”

“Annan sharply criticized both Hezbollah and Israel, denouncing the Shiite group’s “provocative attack” and Israel’s “disproportionate” response.”

“The fighting erupted July 12 when Hezbollah fighters slipped into Israel, killing eight Israeli soldiers and capturing two.”

“Although Israel has refrained from a large-scale ground incursion, small contingents of troops have been crossing into Lebanon for the past several days, destroying Hezbollah outposts and searching for weaponry. Two Israeli troops were killed Wednesday inside Lebanon when guerrillas came upon them.”

“No senior Hezbollah leaders made public appearances today, a day after Israeli warplanes dropped 23 tons of explosives on what Israel said was a Hezbollah bunker.”

The paper’s inability to use the word “terrorist” even once in association with the terrorist group that has launched more than 1,200 rockets and missiles at civilians over the past eight days –and which murdered 241 American Marines and soldiers in their Beirut barracks in 1983, is astonishing and disgusting.

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