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How Bread Rises

Sunday, May 1, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

There is much talk about the chaos of this political season.  Regardless of who you support and why, this season is definitely “off-script.”  Many people are laying the blame at the feet of the continued dying of the middle class.  Most of the articles contending this are too partisan for linking here in Switzerland, but if you read this blog chances are good you have read them somewhere.  Indeed, the separation between people and the classes has grown, but I don’t think it is purely about socioeconomics.  That’s too easy to fix, we’ve done it before.

The problem is, I think, that in our media saturated world it is too easy to exist in a self-gratified micro-environment regardless of what socioeconomic class you are in.  Not only do the privileged fail to see the plight of the less so, but the underprivileged never see, seriously anyway, what else is out there – they have no vision of anything to aspire to.  Whether self-gratified by the privilege or self-gratified in grumbling about underprivilege, the problem is not socioeconomics, but self-gratification. Continue Reading


Senator Ted Cruz On The Battle For Indiana And Beyond

Friday, April 29, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Senator Ted Cruz joined me Friday morning:

Audio: 04-29hhs-cruz


HH: From Carly Fiornia, who is Ted Cruz’s pick to be the next vice president of the United States to the senator himself. Senator Cruz, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

TC: Hugh, it’s great to be with you, thank you for having me.

HH: I just talked a half-hour with Carly Fiorina, I’d like to ask you, is she ready to be president should you win the presidency and then get hit by a truck.

TC: Well, I believe it is and I tell you that was the most important consideration when you are running for president, I think the most serious and solemn decision you make is obsessing who should be the vice presidential nominee, who’s in the position to step in and lead the country and honor the promises that were made to the people and defend the Constitution and most importantly, be commander-in-chief and keep this country safe from the threats we face across the globe.

HH: Walk us through, if you will, Senator Cruz, your decision-making, which has criticized by some, applauded by others, and your timing on the Fiorina selection.

TC: Sure, we began some time ago, I think any serious candidate for president has to be well into the process by now. We’re less than a hundred days away from the convention. We began with an extended list of just over 40 people that we compiled that were plausible candidates to consider for V.P., and we spent some time assessing that list, we narrowed it to a smaller list of what was 17 candidates and began vetting those candidates based on the public records and from there narrowed it to a smaller list of what was five candidates, and at the end, the process was really quite straightforward. What I was looking for most critically were three characteristics–knowledge, judgment, and character. Knowledge, I think, Carly has an abundance. Continue Reading

Carly Fiorina On The Battle For Indiana And Beyond

Friday, April 29, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Carly Fiorinia, Senator Ted Cruz’s choice for vice president, joined me Friday morning:

Audio: 04-29hhs-fiorina


HH: I’m so pleased to welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show, Carly Fiorina, who is going to be one of the three people who will be the next vice president of the United States of America, two of whom who have not yet been named if Donald Trump is the nominee, it will be someone different, and Hillary has not named her running mate yet. But Ted Cruz has. Carly Fiorina, welcome back and congratulations.

CF: Good morning, Hugh, thank you so much for having me.

HH: I’m wondering how the reception is in Indiana to you even though the Colts fans are focused on the NFL draft right now.

CF: (Laughs) Yes, well, the Colts fans are indeed quite focused on the NFL draft, but the reception here has been amazing. Really amazing. It’s just great to see all the people turn out and we need enthusiasm so I feel really encouraged and very lifted up by their support.

HH: The Colts drafted Ryan Kelly as their center as someone who can–every down is the absolute necessity for Andrew Luck, their star quarterback to play well with. It’s not unlike the relationship between a president and a vice president. They got to be able to rely on each other. What did you and Senator Cruz talk about when it came down to the selection whether you can work together for four or eight years?

CF: Well, you know it’s interesting. We’ve been working together for seven weeks and working very closely together. I endorsed him publicly about seven weeks ago, as you know, I voted for him in the privacy of the voting booth in Virginia, my home-state before I ever had a conversation with him about endorsing him and so I thought long and hard about why I think he will make [the] best nominee for our party and the best president for our country. And we’ve been on the bus together, campaigning for seven weeks. I’ve gotten to know him, not just as a candidate, although I obviously I learned a lot more about how he interacts with people which is wonderful to see, but also a lot about him as a husband, as a father. Continue Reading

Brand Loyalty and Politics

Thursday, April 28, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

Jim Geraghty this morning commented on a gentleman that called Rush Limbaugh’s show to argue against Cruz:

I’m getting accused of being out-of-touch, snobbish, elitist, “Leftist Trotskyist”, etc. Ultimately, I see a lot of people making decisions that don’t make much sense. I don’t understand how you can look at Ted Cruz and, out of all possible flaws, conclude he isn’t willing to fight for what he believes in. (His flaw is more likely the opposite, quixotic fights and antagonism to potential allies that isn’t helpful in the long run.) And I don’t think this is a, “Well, you see it your way, I see it my way’ disagreement.’” I think a guy arguing that Cruz is too weak-willed, wishy-washy and excessively conciliatory — particularly to the Left! — is simply not that well-informed about the Texas senator.

This blog is part of Switzerland, so I am not going to comment on the argument itself, but the “uninformed” charge caught my eye given that I wrote on Tuesday about a possible source of the deep passions, often beyond reason, that seem to power the divide between the conservative intelligentsia and the base.  In that piece I wrote about religion as a source, but I think this illustrates another – brand marketing. Continue Reading

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