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National Security Advisor John Bolton On His Trip To Russia, The Missing Saudi Jamal Khashoggi, Iran, China and Big Tech

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I sat down with Ambassador John Bolton in the OEOB Thursday at 11 AM:




HH: Mr. Ambassador, thanks for talking to me. It’s good to see you again.

JB: Glad to be with you.

HH: You’ve prepared your entire life for this job. And you arrive with the most disruptive
president since Andrew Jackson and a world order that is collapsing. Is the job what you
thought it would be, given all the years that you’ve studied the NSA?

JB: Well, I think it’s, it’s a job that really gives you an opportunity to serve the president who’s in
office. And every president has a different style. I think the job of the National Security Advisor
really is to make sure that whatever the style of the president, that he gets the information he
needs to make decisions, that he has the range of options that he needs, and then that those
decisions are carried out. So that’s my job. I think it’s fine that we’ve got a disruptive president
even in a kind of chaotic world because there are a lot of changes that need to be made. We’re
seeing a lot of due bills come due from the Obama administration so it’s very fast paced. But I
wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

HH: Let me ask you about your old job since it’s now open, United Nation ambassador. Your
recommendation to the President – twofold – what kind of personality, and should this be a job in
the Cabinet or should it be sub-Cabinet?

JB: Well, you know, on the second one, it’s really up to the president. He can make any job
cabinet rank. And he’ll make his decision as he sees best. I, I did not have Cabinet rank when I
was UN ambassador. I don’t think it affected me in any way either up at the U.N. or in my
dealings within the administration. I think it’s a job where you have to be prepared to get deep
into the substance of issues. I think it’s very important in implementing policy. And mostly what
you do at the U.N. is implement policy, that you understand the significance of the actions you’re
taking, and that you be part of a team. I felt very privileged when I was there. I helped make
policy, but I helped mostly to carry policy out.

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Oh The Irony…

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So, the topic du jour yesterday seemed to be about whether the president’s rhetoric was responsible for creating the incivility in our current political  climate.  Of course there were all sorts of talking heads contending that the Dems started it.  At first my mind turned back to this press ambush of Mitt Romney, then this one.  But then it turns out I did not need to turn back the clock.  the current conversation got, shall we say, a bit testy.  See it here.  Somewhere there was a producer waxing eloquent about that being “good television.”  I just thought it answered the question under discussion.

And people wonder why I don’t watch TV “news.”

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Vice President Mike Pence On The U.N., The Missing Saudi Arabian Journalist, and the PRC

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Vice President Pence joined me this afternoon for an interview Tuesday afternoon that aired in its entirety Wednesday morning:




HH: Vice President, Hugh Hewitt. Welcome back to the program.

MP: Hugh, it is great to be back with you. Thanks for having me on.

HH: Thank you for joining me. You’ve pinned wings on U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lieutenant Michael Pence two weeks ago. Congratulations to him, to you and Mrs. Pence. What kind of aircraft is he going to be flying?

MP: Well, he’ll be flying, he’ll be flying fixed wings. He is going to be a pilot in the Marine Corps. We couldn’t be more proud, but thanks again so much for having Mrs. Pence on the airwaves not too long ago. She’s been traveling across the country doing her part to stand with all of the military families and the spouses that stand by our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard, and I appreciate all the focus you’ve placed on that and the opportunity you gave Karen on the airwaves, Hugh.

HH: Well, she was terrific. Ours is a sea service family. And now yours is as well. Am I’m guessing that puts you with the Midshipmen during the Army-Navy game, the Secretary of State with the Cadets, and the President going back and forth?

MP: (laughing) Anywhere they let me. Anywhere they let me sit, I’ll be there and be proud to be there. But that’s for your family as well and your family’s service, Hugh.

HH: Now Mr. Vice President, U.N. Ambassador Haley’s announcement leaves us all a little bit stunned. Last time I saw you was at the swearing in of Richard Grenell to go to Germany. He is on the short list to replace her along with Robert O’Brien, Admiral Stavridis. When you talk to the President, what qualities as opposed to names are you going to urge him to look for in a U.N. ambassador?

MP: Well, before we look at the future, let me say how grateful we all are, the President and myself, our entire administration, for the extraordinary job that Ambassador Nikki Haley’s done for the United States at the United Nations. She is, she has, you know, taken the President’s America First agenda, carried it into the floor of the United Nations, and she’s traveled around the globe advocating American interests. And we will miss her in this role. She’s a personal friend of mine, and she and I spent a little bit of time after she was in the Oval Office with the President, and I just told her how personally grateful I was for not only the job she’s done, but the way she’s done it – with courage and character and grace. And we wish her and her family every blessing in the years ahead, Hugh.

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Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley On The Confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, Pending Appeals Court Nominees

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HH: I begin now with United States Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Let me begin, Senator Grassley, by thanking you and congratulating you on an extraordinary job well done over the past 13 weeks of the Kavanaugh proceedings.

CG: I’m with you. We had you on mute. I’m sorry.

HH: Okay, well, congratulations. You did an amazing job.

CG: Well, thank you, and my part was to make sure we had a fair and thorough hearing, and that we had 11 votes to get it out of committee. But I think a real turning point was Senator Collins’ speech, an excellent speech. And now, you can see how the liberals are ganging up against her, and they don’t have any right to do that, because she’s been very much a feminist throughout her time. And they’ve raised $3 million dollars to run against her, and I think conservatives ought to get by and say thank you to her, and making sure that she doesn’t face the onslaught of this mob that was up against Kavanaugh.

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