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Speaker Paul Ryan On “Running Through The Tape”

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House Speaker Paul Ryan joined me this morning:




HH: I’m pleased to welcome back Speaker Paul Ryan to the program. Since this program began in July of 2000, I think the Speaker has been on more than 50 times.

PR: Wow.

HH: And I want to begin, Speaker Ryan, by saying thank you for being available. A lot of people don’t do that, and you have always been available, and I appreciate that.

PR: You bet, Hugh. No kidding? Wow, 50 times. Geez.

HH: Yeah, we’re getting old. And I’m older than you, but we’re getting…

PR: No kidding. Well, my old boss, my old boss, Bill Bennett, is your predecessor…

HH: Yeah.

PR: So a part of it is just the long term friendship that he and I had, and that you and I have had, so glad to be back.

HH: Well, never before have I asked the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt what I should ask Paul Ryan, and she has a question for you.

PR: What’s that?

HH: Where are you taking Mrs. Ryan in January?

PR: (laughing) She wants to go somewhere warm, she says. I’m a Wisconsinite. I love robust seasons, meaning good winter. My January ideal thing is to go to Northern Wisconsin and snowmobiling and ice fishing.

HH: (laughing)

PR: It’s not really high on my wife’s list. So she actually has said after this session, you’re taking me somewhere warm.

HH: Yeah, I’m not, and by the way, I have speculated the reason you’re leaving now is not any of this stuff that you’ve said, but it’s actually because the Packers’ glory years are over, and you want to catch a couple of home games before it’s done.

PR: Yeah, it’s all going to the Browns now. I’m sure the Browns are just a moment away, just one pick away from the Super Bowl.

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Oklahoma Senator James Lankford

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The audio:


The transcript:

HH: I’m joined by United States Senator James Lankford, great friend of the show. And Senator, our thoughts are with the people in Oklahoma dealing with those wildfires right now.

JL: Well, I appreciate that very much. It is a remarkable set of fires. It’s not just one. It’s multiples as anyone who tracks wildfires know it typically is. High winds and dry temperatures, and it has wreaked havoc on our west.

HH: Well, prayers for their getting them under control. Let me ask you, you’re a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Did you know that Mike Pompeo had gone to North Korea?

JL: I did not actually know that. That might have been something that the Chairman and Vice Chairman were informed of, but I was not. Obviously, we all knew that there were upper level conversations pending with North Korea. You don’t have a meeting with the president and not have upper level officials meet first with officials there in North Korea to be able to set it up. So no big surprise there, and he seems like a reasonable person to be tapped to do it. But I was not aware in advance.

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Admiral James Stavridis On CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s Trip To North Korea, And What Comes Next

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Admiral James Stavridis joined me this morning to discuss the remarkable news that Mike Pompeo spent Easter in North Korea:




HH: I’m joined by Admiral James Stavridis. He’s dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, former commander of Southern Command, a life at sea. His great book, Sea Power, is a must-read for people who want to understand the world. Admiral, good morning, thank you for joining us.

JS: Good morning. How are we doing, Hugh?

HH: Great. I am amused and amazed by Mike Pompeo spending Easter in North Korea. But before I go there, you would have been a young admiral, or a young flag officer when Barbara Bush was First Lady. Did you ever meet her? Did you have any interaction with her?

JS: Yes, I met her on two different occasions in the Bush White House, as in the son’s White House. And she and George Bush, Sr. were there for a dinner which I was privileged to attend. And as everyone has said, she was a gracious without being cloying. She was so straightforward. She was like a breath of fresh sea air blowing over you. I loved talking to her in the two brief occasions I did so.

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