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National Review’s Jim Geraghty On The GOP Leadership Race

Wednesday, June 11, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

National Review’s Jim Geraghty joined me today to discuss the race to succeed Eric Cantor:




HH: Joined now by Jim Geraghty of National Review, where he blogs at the Corner. He is also the author of the book, The Weed Agency which was not sent to me pre-publication, and therefore, we’re not going to talk about how wonderful it is, and how everyone’s laughing about it and says it’s a great book, and it’s an amazing buy, and it will make your summer reading list, because The Weed Agency was, everybody else in America got The Weed Agency, but Jim Geraghty treated the Hugh Hewitt Show staff and host the way that Eric Cantor treated his voters.

JG: (laughing) You know, Hugh, I really don’t think that’s fair. I was going to bring a copy and hand-deliver it to you the next time I guest hosted.

HH: Oh, that’s, you’re…

JG: And that was like, when was that? When was that, the last time I guest hosted?

HH: That was a couple of years ago. It was before you began The Weed Agency. But you know what Frank Luntz says. If you say the name of a book seven times in the course of an interview, you’ve sold copies. So we’ll say The Weed Agency, The Weed Agency, The Weed Agency a lot. There, I hit my numbers.

JG: Is it an incantation?

HH: It is.

JG: We’re now hypnotizing listeners…

HH: The Weed Agency.

JG: You’ll buy The Weed Agency.

HH: All right, I am going to put everything aside and focus on what is the most important week in the future of the Republican Party for the next two years, because they’re going to pick their leader, that leader is going to become the Speaker, and that’s going to profoundly impact America’s future. I mean, this is huge. So I want to ask you just a couple of questions, not what you would do, but what you analytically think. If you were a member of Congress and you wanted the more conservative member, would you vote for Hensarling or McCarthy?

JG: Hensarling, although I’ve got to tell you, I, it’s not that I completely disagree with your assessment, Hugh, but I think is this deep, deep inside baseball, and most, I mean, for the next week or two, it’s going to get covered like crazy, like Game of Thrones, and then there’ll be all this behind the scenes maneuvering. And to most voters, it’s going to be some Republican guy replacing another Republican guy. Continue Reading

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House of Cards: The Summer 2014 Season

Wednesday, June 11, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The House GOP paid a very high price yesterday for its insularity, it’s almost studied indifference to the party’s grassroots.  Eric Cantor is a very smart, very talented man who will now have to spend three years preparing to become Virginia’s next governor instead of helping plan the 2015-2016 legislative opposition to President Obama and would-be president Hillary Clinton.  That is very high pice to pay for a collective failing, one not even primarily of Cantor’s making.  The guilt for being open to an ambush is collective, and belongs in part to everyone in the House leadership and especially their communications staffs who could not be bothered to oblige their bosses to even pretend to care what was going on among the regular GOP beyond the Beltway.

Churchill wrote of Lord Roseberry, a long ago near-great of the British Empire: “He would not stoop; he did not conquer.”  The same could be said of the House leadership of the past 19 months.  They did not know how to stoop to fight back against the president, Harry Reid, the MSNBC-led left, the establishment liberal MSM.  Thus the Majority Leader is beaten and Speaker Boehner either a man on the way to a graceful exit or a lame duck about to be plucked –his choice. Message to the Beltway GOP: You have to be seen to be fighting for the big issues, not playing small ball or keeping low to the ground.  You have to be truly fighting, and arguing, for the right path, and to do so you must be willing to articulate that path often and from any platform open to you.  A strong defense, a serious budget, a commitment to religious freedom –these are core pillars of the GOP in the past and going forward.  But they have to be argued for, and sophistry against them confronted and rebuked.  The House leadership is at best ineffective in making the case for free enterprise, a strong military, and religious liberty.  They have to improve and soon.  Like today. Continue Reading


Reforming The VA (And The ACA)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014  |  posted by Duane Patterson

Hugh gave the background earlier about who was involved in the discussion about the pending legislation in Congress to reform the VA. What follows is the audio of the two hour conversation and the transcript.





HH: The Veterans Administration in freefall and in meltdown. And Congress is rushing through bills to fix what has become an appalling scandal across the United States. But are they going too quickly? One of the bills in front of the United States Senate, for example, proposes the VA be allowed to sign 26 major medical facility leases in 18 states and Puerto Rico, and use a half billion dollars in new spending on new doctors and nurses. Other bills propose different things. They’re all moving at the speed of sound in D.C. terms, so I’ve brought together six people to talk for the next two hours about what is wrong and what ought to be done.

And I start with Phillip Longman [ @LongmanPhil], who is the author of Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Health Care Would Work Better For Everyone. Phillip has been a guest on the program before. He’s here in studio with me, as is Tevi Troy [ @TeviTroy], senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, author of What Jefferson Read, Eisenhower Watched, and Obama Tweeted. He’s also the former deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Also in studio with me in D.C., Mark Flatten [@MarkFlatten], senior investigative reporter for the Washington Examiner, who has been all over this story, joined by phone from Seattle this afternoon will be Megan McArdle [@asymmetricinfo], who is the author of The Up Side Of Down, one of the remarkable people who study failure that we need more of, not less of, also joined on the phone by Major General Lee Rodgers [@Spike72AFA], retired from the United States Air Force. He is currently the CMO of two hospitals, served for 31 years in the United States Air Force in the medical corps, ran a number of major medical facilities in that capacity, and my colleague from Arent Fox, my law partner, Lowell Brown [@lcbrown] is one of the super lawyers of health care in America representing some of the largest hospital and medical system providers across the United States. Between all of these perspectives, I hope we can tease out an idea of what Congress ought to do and ought not to do right away, because they’re going to try and do something within the next two weeks. Phillip Longman, I’m going to start with you. You are the biggest fan of the VA among our six, so what do you think is wrong, and what do you think the Congress ought to do or not do immediately? Continue Reading

Live, From D.C….How To Fix The VA, And How To Avoid Making It Worse

Saturday, June 7, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Tuesday I will convene a panel of six guests with unique perspectives and expertise on the attempt underway to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs , a piece of legislation that is moving at the speed of light in Beltway terms, and about the details of which not much is known and nothing at all debated in the public square.  That’s a recipe for a massive amount of waste and not much reform.


So for the first two hours of Tuesday’s show I will be joined in studio by Phillip Longman, author of The Best Care Anywhere, 3rd Edition: Why VA Health Care Would Work Better For Everyone, an unabashed supporter of the VA model, and hopefully The Washington Examiner’s Mark Flatten who just won the American Legion’s  2014 Fourth Estate Award for his reporting on the VA, and former Deputy Secretary of HHS Tevi Troy, who brings real-world experience in running a vast government bureaucracy to the microphones.


On the phones will be three other key experts.


From Seattle, Megan McCardle will join us, and as the title of her best-seller The Upside of Down: Why Failing Well Is The Key To Success suggests, she is a student of catastrophe and how to learn from it.


From Los Angeles, one of my law partners, Lowell Brown, who has been a frequent guest on the show in the Obamacare-era as Lowell represents major health care “providers” –hospitals, medical centers etc– across the country from both the for-profit and not-for-profit world, providers having to deal with a storm of regulatory changes force fed by the massive ACA.  The meltdowns at the VA foreshadow similar problems across the provider landscape as Obamcare rolls out, and Lowell is one of the few lawyers in the country at the tip of the compliance spear.


From San Antonio,  Maj. Gen. Lee Rodgers USAF,MC(ret.), who graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1972, spent 31 years on active duty all around the world, including the command of multiple hospitals in the military system, and presently the Chief Medical Officer at two San Antonio-area hospitals.  Like Lowell, the general is dealing every day with the second-order impacts of massive, poorly thought through changes in health care delivery systems.  Both men will be able to speak to the wisdom of some of the ideas being jammed through as part of VA reform. By Tuesday I hope to have dug out the outlines of the bills going to conference and will ask the panel for their views on what might be best crossed out and what could be added in to great and good effect.


“Reform conservatives” are making a play right now for policy seriousness in the run-up to 2014 and 2016, but the lightning-like rush to reform the VA without public input or much debate is exactly the opposite of how such reforms should be mounted.  Hopefully, Tuesday’s first two hours will bring some light to the pending legislation. I’ll wrap up the two days with an hour three speculation-thon on 2014 and 2016 with a hand picked panel of prognosticator/journos (who also smoke cigars afterwards.)  

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