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Texas Governor Greg Abbott On The 2016 Texas GOP Presidential Primary

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Lone Star State’s new governor joined me today to talk about his newest battle with the EPA –and a little GOp presidential politics:




HH: I am joined now by one of America’s great governors, Texas Governor Greg Abbott. If he was a Browns fan, he’d be perfect. Governor Abbott, good to have you, welcome back.

GA: Hugh, it’s great to be back, and you always have to insert something involving the great state of Ohio. Of course, you do have the great Johnny Manziel, Heisman trophy winner on the Browns team, and hopefully he’ll be able to carry them to more victories.

HH: And we’re rooting for him. He should be coming out of rehab pretty soon, and we have not given up on Johnny Football. That’s Johnny Radio talking there. Now Governor, I’ve got one political and two substantive questions. Here’s my political question. Texans on Tuesday, March 1st of next year are going to face a terrible dilemma. They’re going to have Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, both friends of yours, both enormously popular in the Lone Star State. I figure if you run as a favorite son, you’ll save everybody a lot of money and headaches. Any chance of that happening?

GA: I don’t think that’s going to happen. We have enough Texas-related candidates on the ballot. Remember, there’s a couple more Texas-related candidates. We have Rand Paul, who is a native of Texas, Jeb Bush with Texas ties, and so there’s a good chance the next president is going to have a pathway through Texas. Continue Reading

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House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price On The New Budget

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price opened the show today to talk about the budget resolution his committee will be marking up in the days ahead:




HH: I open up the hour with the man who’s not Paul Ryan. For the last six years, the House Budget Committee has been chaired by Paul Ryan. And the new sheriff on the Budget Committee, one of our favorite people in the House of Representatives, Dr. Tom Price, chairman of the House Budget Committee. Mr. Chairman, welcome, it’s great to have you on the program.

TP: Thanks so much, Hugh, wonderful to be back with you. Hope it’s beautiful out there.

HH: It is indeed. Well, you had a big day today. You rolled out the budget. I want to give you the floor first to give the summary for people as to what your vision for the budget is that you hope that the House GOP passes and sends to the Senate to work on.

TP: All good stuff. We call this budget a balanced budget for a stronger America. And what we do is we reduce spending by $5.5 trillion dollars. We get to balance and get to a path of paying off the debt. We do all of that without raising a single penny in taxes. We repeal Obamacare in its entirety. We make certain that we put in place programs to save and strengthen and secure Medicare and Medicaid. We lay out a path for tax reform that’ll get this economy rolling again so that we can get out of the doldrums. And we make certain that we provide for the national defense for the men and women who are protecting our liberty and our freedom every single day and for their families. Continue Reading

Jeb Bush’s First Really Wrong Call

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  |  posted by John Schroeder

According to Nick Corasaniti at the Fix:

Regional and partisan differences aside, President Obama, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida have at least one thing in common: All are filling out N.C.A.A. tournament brackets this week.


And on Tuesday, Mr. Bush shared his bracket with us. He did not have many home teams to root for, with both Florida and Florida State not making the tournament. But he did pick his alma mater, Texas, to have a first-round upset over Butler.

Oh Jeb, Oh Jeb.


Governor Bobby Jindal On The Two Ds and the Two Cs –Defense, Dope and Common Core

Monday, March 16, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal joined me today to talk about “the two Ds and the two Cs” -defense spending, dope (in Colorado, D.C. and Washington State), and Common Core.  The latter two issues are the new “social issues” of 2016 (along with the protection of religious freedom) and Jindal was clear on all of them:




HH: I want to begin on this St. Patrick’s Day eve with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Governor Jindal, happy St. Patrick’s Day eve to you.

BJ: Hugh, happy St. Patrick’s Day eve to you as well.

HH: Now I want to talk, Governor, you haven’t declared for president, yet, but if you do, because of your Rhodes scholar credentials, because of your two terms as governor, your time in the Congress, your time in the executive branch, people are going to look at you for detailed, data-driven solutions. So I want to you ask you specifically about the two D’s and the two C’s – Defense and dope, and Common Core. And I want to start with Defense, Tom Cotton giving his initial speech today, blasting the decline in Defense spending. Where does Bobby Jindal think Defense spending has to get this year, and how do we get there?

BJ: Hugh, I agree with Senator Cotton, and I agree with you. Look, this president is hollowing out the military. I did a detailed paper on Defense spending. We need to get back to 4% of GDP. We need to be the strongest, not only, we do have the best military in the world, but we need to be able to dominate any potential adversary. And right now, we’re going to have fewer ships, fewer planes, fewer troops than in decades at a time when we’re spending a record amount of our economy on the government. We’re spending a record low on Defense, post-World War II. This is unconscionable. And so the reality is Republicans in Congress, I think, made a mistake when they applied the sequestration caps to Defense. I think the increased Defense spending needs to be offset by cuts in other parts of the government. But the Constitution tells Congress to do, tells the federal government to one thing, which is to defend our country. Instead, we’ve got a federal government that’s doing all kinds of other things it never should be doing. They’re not investing in our military, and I think this is a mistake. This is going to set us up for a much more expensive, in terms of both blood and treasure, when it comes to defending our interests, our allies, and defending ourselves in the future. We’ve seen this movie before. We saw Carter hollow out the military post-Vietnam. We don’t need to be making this mistake again. I would challenge not only Republican leaders in Congress. Anybody thinking about running for president needs to today say we need a significant increase in Defense spending in this budget, along with cuts in non-Defense spending. But let’s go ahead and invest in our military. Continue Reading

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