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Our Border And Israel’s Two Front War: With Hamas And The White House

Sunday, August 3, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Monday Washington Examiner column treats the latest round of Keystone Cop leadership within the House GOP on the border security bill.

Quick: Did the law passed by House authorize, fund and benchmark the construction of 1,000 miles of double-sided fencing with a road between the two sides?  5000 miles?  250?  50?  What did it do?  Do you know?  If you don’t the Caucus failed in its first job, which is to communicate what it is about.  It failed.  Again.  Thus the column.

The good news for the GOP is that the president is such bad news for Israel, America’s truest friend in the world and the only democracy in the world’s most volatile region.  Today President Obama took the eye off the GOP’s confusion by dispatching his last remaining “senior advisor” in any meaningful sense –Valerie Jarrett– to Sunday show land to hammer Israel with a comment that can only be understood to assert that Israel is intentionally killing innocent children.  Blood libel, in other words.  Is she unaware of what she did and the nature of her charge?  Perhaps.  She isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and this president is surrounded by dull blades of all sorts.  But to say the U.S. cannot “condone” killing of innocent children is to argue that Israel is killing innocent children in a way that could be avoided.  No other way to read it.  She slammed Israel as a war crimes-committing country as opposed to the terrorist organization Hamas which is using the children as shields and props.  Quick: Where is MSM that should be asking Hillary and every Democratic senator standing for re-election in November for a reaction to the most virulently anti-Israel blast coming out of a White House since, when, 1956?

Obama’s numbers are plummeting, a result of his politically lethal combination of hubris, endless gabbing about nonsense, a fourth string staff, a hapless Secretary of State and a risible SecDef, as well as a Vice President who must be kept on ice most of the time.  Ukraine is in flames, as is the Mideast, and Hillary’s the next big thing?  The November Republican wave is swelling.  Imagine how large it could be if the GOP articulated a plan for its two years in control of the Hill during the lamest of duck seasons?  More on that soon.

Mark Larson fills in for me Monday as I travel home from vacation.  Always good to let a Democrat have the mic on the day before I get back.  Thanks to him, Ed Morrissey, Jamie Weinstein and of course the A Team of non-producers who have held down the fort while I have been away.

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“Border Security” Is NOT “Border Security” Without A Long, Strong, High, Double-Sided Fence

Thursday, July 31, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Interrupting vacation one more time to bring this message to House GOP leadership. On Wednesday I was encouraged by Speaker Boehner’s message to Harry Reid about a House bill on the border.  I tweeted as much.

Today I read Bill Kristol’s assessment and realize that the House GOP leadership has no idea what they are doing on the topic of border security, which absolutely requires a long, strong, high, double-sided fence with a road running between the two fences.  This “fence project” is a necessary though not sufficient condition to border security, emphasis on “necessary.”  Other things, like visa reform, are also key, but the double-sided fence is what voters want to see built.

Consultants and pollsters have told the House GOP leadership that they must be for “border security,” but that they cannot be for the only thing on which genuine border security depends –a fence.  This creates the dilemma of having to pretend to be for border security when in fact you are doing nothing to advance it because without the fence project, nothing will work.

Because the elected lack the courage to make the common-sense argument that a law forbidding unpermitted entry is in fact a “legal fence” that assumes physical fences where necessary, the electeds lose the argument with their base and with the undecided public that knows the score. Bill Kristol is right.  Kill the fake border security bill and go home until the House leadership gets serious about passing a real border security bill.  The president is already losing the election single-handedly by allowing the world to slide towards chaos.  It would make sense for the House GOP to pass a bill based on good policy –a fence– but it makes no sense to throw the president a rope via a self-inflicted political wound over a pretend border security bill that everyone knows is a fake bill.

“Querido Papa Francisco: Dirígete al Oeste para que conozcas la verdadera esencia de los Estados Unidos.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Courtesy of Santiago Floresena (@FloresCisco on Twitter), the Spanish translation of my Monday Washington Examiner column, addressed to Pope Francis:

Querido Papa Francisco: Dirígete al Oeste para que conozcas la verdadera esencia de los Estados Unidos.

Querido Papa Francisco:

Su Santidad, Entiendo que su viaje a los Estados unidos aun no ha sido confirmado oficialmente, y aunque muchos tienen esperanzas de que en septiembre, seas bienvenido a Filadelfia por el arzobispo Charles Chaput; El Arzobispo ha sido muy cauteloso al enfatizar que en este corto tiempo hay muchas cosas que pudieran suceder las cuales pudieran interferir en su visita, lo cual comprendo perfectamente.

Asumiendo, que usted si podrá venir a Estados Unidos para participar en el Encuentro Mundial de las Familias, Usted será presionado por cantidad de lados con invitaciones de muchas ciudades y recibirá consejos sobre que temas embarcar mientras está en EEUU.

Como Católico, Periodista y radiofusionista, Educado por las hermanas de la humildad de Maria y los Franciscanos, pero también como locutor Conservador, me encantaría ofrecerle unas Sugerencias. Usted, en el Arzobispo Chaput, tiene como posible anfitrión a uno de los líderes mas distinguidos y venerados de la Iglesia Americana, y el Cardenal Sean Patrick O’Malley es miembro de “El Gabinete de Cardenales,” no cabe duda que con ellos dos, usted tendrá excelentes asesores, lamentablemente el Arzobispo Chaput es hincha de los Acereros de Pittsburgh y el Cardenal O’Malley, hincha de los Medias Rojas de Boston, lo cual creo que los descalifica a ambos de ser guías confiables de la Cultura Americana. Continue Reading

Where Will He Go? On What Subjects Will He Speak? Suggestions For Pope Francis Should He Visit America In 2015

Monday, July 28, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s Pope Francis, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput and Philly Mayor Michael Nutter on a visit to Rome in March.

The prospect of a visit from the Pope inspired my Monday Washington Examiner column and thus this break from vacation non-posting.

Then there’s this new sticker, which goes to last week’s column:

Jamie Weinstein did a great job for me last week.  Ed Morrissey is in this week, and I think Guy Benson on Monday next before I return Tuesday.  Thanks to them all for making a vacation possible.





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