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Talking With Three Time Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings

Friday, September 19, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Thursday interview with three time gold medal winner Kerri Walsh Jennings –who teamed with Misty May-Teanor to win beach volleyball laurels in Athens, Beijing and London, and who is now training with April Ross– was so wonderfully received by those that heard it that many ave asked for access to it.  Kerri was terrific, and to goad more folks down to watch the her and the rest of the best in the world play at the AVP championship in Huntington Beach this weekend, here’s the audio of that conversation:


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Are Voters Disgusted With Fake “War On Women” Idiocy In The Middle Of Crises? And How To Spend $150 On Politics Right Now

Thursday, September 18, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Democrats have tried to push the “war on women” idiocy in Colorado where both their very weak and rudderless governor John Hickenlooper and their Obama-cloned senator Mark Udall have no other issue on which to run and much to run from.

Wednesday’s poll showing Republican Bob Beauprez ahead by 10 points over Hickenlooper and Thursday’s numbers showing Republican Cory Gardener up by 8 over Udall tell us not only that the Centennial State remains deeply angry over the Democrats rush to regulate guns in a very intrusive, stupid ways (pushed by Nanny Bloomberg’s money), by Hickenlooper’s dithering over the execution of a mass murderer and by Udall’s support of Obamacare and ducking of debates, they are also apparently very angry that with serious issues everywhere to be discussed, debated and decided, the Democrats have chosen an absurd set of themes and charges –“the war on women”– on which to base their campaigns.

Such an an absurd set of charges in a campaign during very serious times looks to be engendering the contempt it deserves.  We can only hope the backlash grows and deepens even as the confusion among the present and his top team on nearly ever issue spreads as fast at the Ebola virus.  It isn’t pretty or uplifting to see the wheels come off everywhere –from Iraq and the incoherence surrounding the response to IS to Africa to the Minnesota Obamacare exchange– but the political consequences of talking about fake issues when there are real ones looming should be a smack down from voters who are watching the news closely.  The Democratic civil war is a reaction to the cluelessness on the part of the president and the national party as endangered candidates realize the playbook is not only dated, it is known and hated by the voters.

Still, hundreds of millions will be thrown at Republicans by left wing environmentalist and global warming absolutist Tom Steyer not to mention the Hollywood left and the public employee unions between now and November 4.  Small donor donations are needed, and when figuring out how best to invest, do so in $150 increments, spread across 15 races.

Republicans are all but guaranteed pick-ups in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia Senate races where Democrats have retired and the GOP has sent out three great candidates in Congressman Steve Daines, Governor Mike Rounds and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.

They are in danger of losing a seat nowhere, though noise about closing on David Perdue in Georgia and Mitch McConnell in Kentucky will continue until the end to try and keep at least some o f the GOP money off of the half dozen races which will decide the all-important issue of control. If you have cash to give to candidates in the next few weeks, and I hope you will dig deep to save the Supreme Court and especially the Department of Defense from more of Team Obama’s ruin than is unavoidable with him in the White House, then support:

Dan Sullivan in Alaska

Tom Cotton in Arkansas

Corey Gardner in Colorado

Joni Ernst in Iowa

Bill Cassidy in Louisiana

Terri Lynn Land in Michigan

Mike McFadden in Minnesota

Scott Brown in New Hampshire

Thom Tillis in North Carolina

Ed Gillespise in Virginia

Five statehouse races need closing help from the grassroots as four are red and Democrats want to turn one blue for talking points purposes heading into 2016, and one –in Colorado– is a keystone statehouse to taking back the White House.

Bob Beauprez in Colorado

Doug Ducey in Arizona

Sam Brownback in Kansas

John Kasich in Ohio

Scott Walker in Wisconsin

By spreading small contributions –$10 to each campaign or $25 or even $50 or $100– you are helping keep the Democrats stretched far too thin across both maps and the president headed to a thundering repudiation, the last referendum on him in office. If for no other reason than to send a message of deep disgust with his policies and his fecklessness these past two years and especially the almost unbelievable disdain he has shown for protecting America’s interests in the world, dig deep and do so today as the campaigns head into the final four weeks of campaigning before absentees begin to flow out in most of these states.




The Alarms Are Ringing In Democrat Land, And More Are Going Off

Wednesday, September 17, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Democrats aren’t going to like this poll.  Not at all.  President Obama is to 2014 what President Bush was to 2006.  Period.  And that isn’t going to change between now and November 4.  In fact, it is likely to get worse.

What about all those “models” that showed Dems surging in places like Iowa?  Well:

Republican Joni Ernst has pulled ahead of Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in the Iowa Senate race, according to a new poll that points to a heated battle for votes in the final stretch.

The Quinnipiac University survey showed Ernst, a state senator, leading Braley by 6 points, 50-44 percent among likely voters. The poll also showed her leading among independents, a key voting bloc.

Then there is major story out of Minnesota, with implications for the entire electoral map: The biggest provider of health insurance on the already deeply troubled Gopher State Obamacare “exchange” just announced it was pulling out and giving up the ghost.  Costs ran away from it.  This is a foreshadowing of “exchange failure” across the country and every consumer is soon going to be remembering President Obama’s promise about keeping your doctor and insurance as many find they can’t even keep their replacement doctor and their replacement insurance.  They have entered the Obamacare House of Horrors, and every month brings a new unwelcome, expensive surprise.

Dismiss the happy talk from Democrats.  The country is in an Obama-engineered downward spiral, and voters know it.  Lame campaigns built on tired “war on women” rhetoric isn’t going to alter the course of this election season.



Containing Both The Ebola And The Takfir Viruses

Tuesday, September 16, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

President Obama’s decision to commit American forces to contain and defeat the Ebola virus before it breaks out to devastate an entire continent and perhaps others is a good and necessary decision and conservatives and Republicans ought to support it.  Clearly experts have weighed in and warned him of the risks, and he has no preconceived notions about what he should and shouldn’t do for this new threat.  If anything, George W. Bush’s enduring legacy of aid to Africa might be an additional motivation to him.  Whatever the reason, it is a good decision, and Congress should provide the funds used in the Department of Defense via a supplemental that also addresses the additional costs being incurred in the slow ramp up to contain IS.  If the Speaker and Majority Leader McCarthy were on their game, they’d have a supplemental heading to the Senate today.

Now I am obliged to again push The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright on you and to ask you to push it to your still-in-the-dark-about Islamist-ideology friends.  Recall that Wright is a man of the left, the New Yorker’s national correspondent, and that The Looming Tower won the Pulitzer.  This book entails the return of the takfiris to modern Islamist groups, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, in the second half of the 20th century right through the attack on America on 9/11.  It is a genealogy of al Qaeda, and though it does not chart the further spread of this strain of Islamist virus to Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt and now western Iraq and Syria in the past five years, the nature of the ideology is full explicated and made impossible-to-misunderstand, which is exactly what President Obama and his inner circle need so desperately.

When President Obama declared last week that “ISIl is not Islamic,” the reactions were fast and furious by people with even passing knowledge of the Islamist ideology. Imagine President Obama saying “Genus Ebolavirus is different from other strains in the the Filoviridae family of viruses, and is in fact not an acute viral illness.”  The world would be stunned and then would set to wondering who exactly was handing the president his copy and whether he had any serious advisors around him at all.

The same sort of reaction is due the president’s declaration that ISIL is not Islamic, and the same sort of wonder and worry followed the president’s clueless announcement.  Many have remarked that George W. Bush went to great lengths to declare that we are not at war with Islam and W was right to do so, and President Obama would be right to do so as well.  But that is very different from denying the reality of the takfiri strain of Islam, its numbers and its potential for viral growth –a growth we see all too clearly in Iraq and Syria and indeed around the globe.

In yesterday’s interview with me, Charles Krauthammer bluntly declared that the president ” is clearly a narcissist” who “sees himself in very world historical terms, which means A) because he’s an amateur, he doesn’t know very much, and B) because he’s a narcissist, he doesn’t listen.”

Krauthammer added “he talks like the emperor, Napoleon,” and that “[t]here’s not anyone of independent stature around him,” that he is “is impervious to outside advice.”

“The man lives in a cocoon surrounded by sycophants,” concluded Krauthammer, whose book “Things That Matter” just passed the million books sold mark, and who is clearly among the most influential voices in America right now, and not just on the right though the president no doubt would like to dismiss him as such.

Someone broke through the cocoon on the issue of Ebola.  Somehow the president figured out the response had to be instantaneous and adequate to the task of containing the virus.  He didn’t count the cost and he didn’t worry about how his actions would be judged by history. He acted.

Now he needs to do the same thing vis-a-vis IS, and people across the political spectrum are pushing him to do so.  Last week, retired Army General and CIA Director David Petraeus and retired CentCom Commander and Marine General James Mattis –perhaps the two greatest war fighters of the past decade– both urged the president to do more faster.  Even President Bush who has strictly observed a “no criticism of my successor” [policy hinted at Cuyahoga Community College that a vacuum had developed that we needed to remedy quickly, as close as he could come to pushing the president to focus and focus immediately on the viral threat of takfiri radicalism within Islam.

Instead we get another spectacle of incompetence, with State Department “spokesperson” Marie Harf declared ‘We are not going to cooperate’ with Iran on IS, even as Secretary of State Kerry declared exactly the opposite on another continent.

This is just chaos, a breakdown in the response of the American government to the deadliest threat in the world right now, and that threat isn’t Ebola, it is IS.

The only message the president is likely to hear on IS is the sound of a political earthquake on November 4, the crashing in on him of political reality via a massive turn-out of Senate and House Democrats.  The election arrives at exactly the moment needs it to deliver a huge rebuke to the isolated, “self-involved,” cocooning president.  A message that says: You wanted the job, so do it.


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