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Democrat Max Baucus Gives The Game Away

Thursday, March 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Max Baucus is the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Democrat most responsible fo Obamacare’s final shape other than Nancy Pelosi.

In an unusual speech on the Senate floor moments ago, Max Baucus declares that the “healthcare bill” to be “an income shift, it is a shift, a leveling to help lower income middle income Americans.” Baucus continued, “[t]oo often, much of late, the last couple three years the mal-distribution of income in America is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy, and the middle income class is left behind. Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America.”

Baucus’ candor is appreciated, though the fact that he waited until the bill passed to announce the real agenda behind the massive tax hikes isn’t a profile in courage. And the seniors on fixed income who are about to lose Medicare Advantage would laugh at Baucus’ pseudo-populism.

UPDATE: James Lileks had a wonderful rant on my program Thursday about Max Baucus. It’s too good to miss, so here you go.

On The Ethical Obligation of Universal Health Care

Thursday, March 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Professor John Mark Reynolds.

And here, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer of all places, is a great column from Kevin O’Brien urging repeal.

Until I read the O’Brien column, I was unaware of any reason other than the sports page to read the PD (though Pluto and company are reason enough to subscribe via Kindle, as I do.)

Which reminds me, as we draw closer to the Cavs triumph, the perfect Easter gift is the book on LeBron James by Pluto and his colleague Brian Windhorst. I have given three of these as gifts and to very different people, each one of whom has been thrilled.

Lebron James: The Making of an MVP

Bravo Senate GOP!

Thursday, March 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Some progress though it is unclear how much of the federal government takeover of the student loan business has been stopped.

Start hammering the House members again,, and the Democrats in the Senate. Now that the bill has to go back to the House there is no reason why the very compelling GOP amendments ought not to be accepted.

If the Senate GOP can keep the amendment machine rolling for the next few days, the House members will get an earful when they get back to their districts.

Ohio’s John Backflip Boccieri –who voted for Obamacare Sunday after opposing it in the fall– is among the Democrats getting hammered hardest. His likely GOP opponent Jim Renacci is getting a huge flow of campaign contributions, which you can add to here.

Tom Lucero is running in Colorado’s 4rth against another Democratic backflipper, Betsy Markey. You can contribute to Lucero here.

Larry Sabato has identified the “tenuous twenty” –the 20 Democrats who voted for Obamcare despire holding seats in districts carried by John McCain:

The Tenuous Twenty

What the NRCC needs to do is identify those races where there is a clear GOP frontrunner –the NRCC must stay clear of races where competitive primaries exist like Colorado’s 4rth– and help the new activists engage with the GOP nominees in these districts as well as the 26 other districts which McCain carried but in which a Democrat sits, especially if that Democrat voted to defend the Slaughter Solution, not to mention cap-and-tax and the stimulus.

Oh, speaking of all the high-fives Democrats have been giving each other —John Hinderaker has the numbers from the latest Rasmussen poll: 55% of voters want Obamcare repealed. The public understands what a massive power grab this is and how it greatly punishes seniors.

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