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The AARP Goes Nurse Ratched on Seniors

Thursday, August 6, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Watch the video below, and ask yourself if Nurse Ratched from AARP was following the company line, and whether the sideswipe delivered by the “AARP volunteer” against profits is a good line for a “non-partisan” organization to be adopting, particularly one that pushes insurance products to its members.

A bumpersticker, “Grandma Got Run Over By Obamacare,” will be available here very soon, and I expect it will do very well.

I also expect that AARP is already suffering blowback from its obvious identification with Obamacare and its refusal to fight the approach of rationing via the “government option/public plan.” Seniors are extraordinarily wired into the information networks of the age, and they are concluding that AARP is not their representative anymore, but an elitist, favor-currying group of lefties in love with the new president. There is a huge opening right now for an alternative to AARP that will genuinely represent seniors, not use them as profit centers.


The Blue Dogs and Political Suicide

Wednesday, August 5, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson of Minnesota came out against Obamacare today.

Two Arkansas Congressmen, Mike Ross and Vic Snyder ran into upset voters at a townhall today, a meeting that clearly communicated that the “compromise” Ross negotiated last week isn’t cutting it.

This isn’t organized by the RNC and it is not the “mob” that the DNC and Barbara Boxer say it is.

This is disgust with a leftwing attempt to ruin American medicine for political chits. Americans know that tens of millions of people with employer-provided insurance will lose that insurance and be forced into a government plan, and that the only way to pay for this massive expansion of coverage to the uninsured will be high taxes and rationing. Obamacare frightens and disgust voters, and those who support it will lose in large numbers in 2010.

That’s what is already obvious, and the

Barbara Boxer and the Mobbed-Up Republicans

Wednesday, August 5, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Barbara Boxer accuses critics of Obamacare of being a mob, just like the one she faced down in Florida in 2000 by invoking Ronald reagan.

Does anyone have a contemporaneous account of Barbara going Clint Eastwood on a Florida mob?

Anyone think that sounds just a bit made-up? Maybe it happened. I’d like to see the video.

UPDATE: Thanks for pointers to the transcript of the CNN interview, but we need some video as the CNN commentator seems to indicate that, contrary to Senator Boxer’s account, she did not face down and quiet a pinstriped “mob,” but rather “pressed on.”

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