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“Waiting for Superman”

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I screened the extraordinary new movie Waiting for Superman today –it arrives in theaters on September 24– and will begin the show with Washington Post education writer Jay Mathews, who is featured in the film and whose book, Work Hard, Be Nice is in my view the essential companion to the movie and to any serious discussion of education reform.

Waiting for Superman

You cannot be at all acquainted with the state of American public education and not know that the NEA and AFT have failed not just students but the teachers they purport to represent. See the movie, read Jay’s book, but especially vote for every Republican at every level especially if you are a parent of a child in or soon to attend a public school or a classroom teacher. As the movie makes unmistakably clear, he NEA et al are leading teachers and their families over a cliff, and only true reformers can save the system before the public declares game over.

Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America

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Teachers in 2010

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My Washington Examiner column this morning looks at the growing divide between the interests of young classroom teachers and their older and retired counterparts.

As November approaches, young teachers have to be looking at the perilous state of public finance at the federal and especially the state levels and wondering how their union bosses can be standing with House Democrats or trying to elect Jerry Brown in California or Ted Strickland in Ohio or any Democrat anywhere. Education spending depends upon healthy, growing economies, and places like California and Ohio are teetering on the brink of massive cuts in the governmental sector because the money’s just not there and new taxes simply cannot be added on to an already crushing business burden.

If public education is going to be saved and reformed and the careers of young classroom professionals preserved, reformers like Meg Whitman and John Kasich have to be given a chance to pare away government’s excesses outside of education so that the schools can survive and thrive. Younger education professionals have to break with their union seniors who are playing for a couple of years here and there and hoping to be retired with a guaranteed pension before the roof falls in. What they don’t seem to realize is that those retirement benefits are only as good as the state economy that supports them. You cannot get blood from a stone.

I am going to limit most of my program today to calls from teachers. I am curious how many of them have figured out that their union leadership has driven them right to the edge of a cliff, and whether they intend to vote for real change this time.

The math teachers at least should get it.


Panic Among the Dems, and The Cash-on-Hand Tracker

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You can waste a lot of time here. Keep in mind that Dems need a lot more cash than Republicans, if only to airbrush the president and Nancy Pelosi out of all their candidates’ pictures and websites.

Dan Balz and Jon Cohen report on the deteriorating Dem prospects in this morning’s WaPo, as does Mike Allen in, who uses the “t” word –“tsunami.”

All the incumbent Democrats have going their way is cash and a volunteer network. Here are ten races where you can help close the cash divide for the GOP challenger.

And by clicking on the Winning in November banner above, you can join the virtual network of activists that will be making calls, sending emails and walking precincts in key districts between now and 11/2.


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