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Lileks, Dave Barry and Bird Porn

Thursday, August 28, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


As for the veep, I know knowthing. I keep going back to and scanning the numerous posts from connected people, none of whom know anything either. Team McCain intends to roll this out tomorrow and I won’t be believing anything until they do.

Though that won’t stop me from checking back at R&L throughout my show. Traffic at R&L has been soaring as more and more readers discover the aggregator of their dreams, with a Lileks twitter tossed in.

Don’t forget to support the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where Stanley Kurtz is a fellow. There is no better way to push back against Obama’s heavy-handed attempt at controlling the news than by supporting the Center.

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Stanley Kurtz Will Open Today’s Show

Thursday, August 28, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The unbelievably thuggish attempt by Barack Obama to smear and shut down Stanley Kurtz’s research into Obama’s tenure as leader of Chicago’s Annenberg Challenge and Obama’s partnership with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers should send every credible journalistic organization in America to Kurtz’s defense, and lead to an outpouring of support –financial and otherwise– for the Ethics and Public Policy Center where the widely respected and admired Kurtz is a fellow.

As noted earlier, Obama has spent more time and energy condemning Kurtz’s research than Ayers terrorism and rhetoric of anti-American extremism. (HT:

You can support the Ethics and Public Policy Center via this link.

The Bishop of Fargo Adds His Statement Condemning Pelosi (And By Extension, Obama).

Thursday, August 28, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As noted below, CNN won’t cover this letter from Bishop Aquila, but the Catholics of North Dakota are sure to hear of it. Key excerpt:

The Christian teaching on abortion throughout history is unchanged. Human life from the moment of conception is to always be respected, treated with dignity, and protected. Catholics who support so called abortion rights support a false right, promote a culture of death, and are guided by the “father of lies” rather than by the light and truth of Jesus Christ. Out of respect for the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church, any Catholic who supports abortion rights has placed himself or herself outside of visible unity with the Church and thus should refrain from receiving Holy Communion. Catholics have a responsibility to study the teaching of the Church on human life and when life begins. This teaching is affirmed by revelation and is a basic truth of natural reason. I ask all of you in your presentations, teaching, or preaching to state the truth of this teaching in an unequivocal manner.

This is more of the unprecedented blunt teaching that has poured out of the Roman Catholic Church leadership following Obama’s “above my pay grade” obfuscation and Pelosi’s Meet the Press deception. MSM is blinkered to such significant statements, but Catholic voters are not. It is impossible to miss the logic of these messages: Faithful Catholics cannot vote for Obama because he is an abortion rights radical and receive Holy Communion with a clear conscience.

UPDATE: PowderTracks is following this issue closely.

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