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Rove On Obama’s Canceling A Visit To Wounded Troops

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Karl Rove’s op-ed this morning:

Mr. Obama also created a problem by canceling a visit to U.S. soldiers who were wounded in Iraq and are now recuperating at Landstuhl hospital in Germany. His campaign has offered a welter of explanations. What’s the real one? My rule is that when in doubt, see what a candidate said at the time and judge his candor. In a July 26 London news conference, Mr. Obama explained: “I was going to be accompanied by one of my advisers, a former military officer. And we got notice that he would be treated as a campaign person, and it would therefore be perceived as political because he had endorsed my candidacy, but he wasn’t on the Senate staff.”

The solution was obvious. Leave the campaign adviser behind and visit the wounded troops. Mr. Obama’s decision to work out in the hotel gym instead adds to his growing reputation for arrogance.

Obama supporters are furious that the public is angry with the wonder candidate over this callousness. But the public knows that character is best on display when candidates don’t think anyone will notice.

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Boulder Liberal Mark Udall Flakes Out

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

There’s a close Senate race in Colorado, pitting Republican Bob Schaffer against Democrat Mark Udall.

Udall, a classic Boulder liberal, had tried to impress Rocky Mountain voters with a pledge to keep Congress in session until it acted on an energy bill.

Yesterday Udall missed the vote on recess, and Congress went home.

That’s going to leave a mark on Mark. Colorado is a common sense state, and talking large and acting small doesn’t sit well with voters.

“Oklabama”: The Big (Empty) Head Effect

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Politico notes that Obama’s arrogance is catching up with him.

The Los Angeles Times notes about the polls after Europe: “No bounce. Not even a roll.” Reasons:

Maybe Obama’s flips — his outspoken opposition to denouncing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright until he did, his promise to take public campaign financing, since broken, his eagerness to debate McCain in townhalls, now abandoned, his apparent unwillingness to see progress in the Iraq troop surge, which he opposed and predicted would worsen sectarian violence?

Is there a simmering concern over arrogance by the Ivy League lawyer and mere candidate who so blithely patted the French president on the back for a well-done news conference? Asked the other day if he ever doubted himself, Obama replied smartly, “Never!” And grinned broadly. Sounded more like a 20-year-old than someone about to turn 47 next week.

Timesman Andrew Malcolm adds:

What’s Obama done for D.C. change since arriving? What’s Obama done for reform back home within the historically monolithic and corrupt Chicago Democratic machine, where some up-and-comers are sent off to Congress for seasoning before advancing to the big-time of City Council?

Inquiring minds already know the answer: Nothing.

And Powerline’s John Hinderaker essays on Obama’s howler about inflating-our-tires-to-energy independence:

[I]t would take only 11,308 years of proper tire inflation to equal “all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling.”

Obama is a curious case. He gives the impression of being an intelligent guy, but through his unscripted comments we have learned that he knows little about history, science or mathematics. He also seems rather shockingly short on common sense, as this most recent gaffe illustrates.

Empty suit huge ego = falling poll numbers.

The voters might roll the dice in wartime on an untried, risky smooth-talking rookie propped up by an adoring MSM, but signs that they are waking up are all around. Watch for the Hillary ’12 signs any day now.

“Olmert is the first Israeli leader–perhaps the first democratic leader anywhere –to threaten his own country with destruction if it rejected his policies.”

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New Republic’s Yossi Klein Halevi on the long goodbye of Ehud Olmert.

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