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The Palin Breakout, Part 4

Thursday, September 4, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

What a rout. Up early to watch the pundits on parade for a couple of hours, and the lefty talking heads and the MSM anchors are fleeing Sarah Palin like a building on fire. No more chants of “inexperience,” and only the most indirect of references to her family. Until yesterday the collective MSM sneer was that Palin was “Hello Kitty,” reeling backwards under the pressure. Now she’s Gorgo, smashing up the MSM’s cars. The dismayed punditry is pondering the “meanness” of her attacks and her lack of details on health care refom. A complete triumph over the Beltway-Manhatan media elites, but they will of course regather in Mordor and try again next week.

The Obamains decying “mean-spritiedness” are diminishing Obama the former giant slayer turned victim. They think Sarah Palin, Rudy, Mitt and Huck are tough? Remember Obama is scheduling meetings with Ahmadinejad, Kim, and Chavez for ’09. Disarray is far too complimentary a word to use for the Obama campaign.

CNN actually had a discussion on how Palin et al may have offended the “community organizers” of America. Really. Soledad had an e-mail to that effect, after all. Well, I have a virtul in-box filled to the virtual sky with e-mails like this:

I work in a small manufacturing facility in the greater Syracuse NY area. It is pretty darn “blue” around here, but kind of a “centrist dem, labor-oriented, working class value blue-collar blue”. Not the “fever swamp truther, BushCo kind of blue”. Anyway, to the point. No one EVER talks politics here, but the place is BUZZING with Palin fever. Everyone’s talking about her, and the most often used phrase I hear is “finally, one of us!”

The left is in serious, serious trouble. I myself wasn’t enthused about McCain, though my respect for the man’s sacrifice alone gets my vote. But now I will writing my first EVER check to any candidate. And I will gladly support the McCain/Palin ticket because she inspires me.

And this one:

I love Sarah Palin. She was gracious and very tough in her speech. The Reuters picture of her holding her son, Trig, showed a mama lion not afraid to take on those wanting to make a thousand little cuts. Check out the photo…see her solid jaw of pit bull determination. Lipstick, yeah. She knows what I know. I am a commercial fisherman and fished, lived, and worked in Alaska for over 20 years. It is true about getting up at 3 am to hunt. I did with my husband to shoot caribou for our freezer. I don’t recommend caribou for a staple red meat.
We fished for halibut, salmon, and herring for many years. What you learn is basic. Prepare to catch fish ( big investment in gear & fuel), go out and catch the fish ( mother nature can screw this up as well as the govt.) sell the fish ( market forces can go South anytime), put proceeds in the bank to live on. Results oriented. Period. Sarah Palin knows this with her hands and her mind. When this or her family are sullied, watch out. Nuance is not an issue. You don’t gaze into the eyes of a grizzly bear without a fully loaded 44 pistol by your side.
Your analysis and reparte on your radio show are ever so welcome, Hugh. I have listened since I was fishing squid out of Ventura and jogged to your show in the morning in LA.

There will be reverses for McCain-Palin along the way, but enjoy today as the egg-on-face media elites and Democrats try to pretend they haven’t spent 96 hours savaging a woman that America turns out to like, and respect, quite a lot.

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She Winds. She Shoots. She Scores.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Sarah Palin is terrific.

The contest has changed. Her character and candor have changed it, and John McCain’s judgment is vindicated. The speech overflowed with tough, pointed, true points:

“Some candidates use change to promote their careers. John McCain has used his career to promote change. “

“The presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery..”

“There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you.”

“The special confidence of those who have seen evil and have seen how evil is overcome.”

This will be a magnificent campaign, and she a magnificent candidate.

UPDATE: Former LA Times’ MSMer Bill Lobdell: “I’m guessing Jack Bauer of “24? would vote for Gov. Palin.” Read his whole live blog.

Saluting McCain

Wednesday, September 3, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I have been a critic of John McCain on many issues in the past, but have always been careful to note he’s a great American. Today he proves he is also a gentleman, a father of great heart, and a model for the country.

UPDATE: Another e-mail:


Your callers have me in tears.

We to have a Downs Syndrome son who is 38, works for WalMart and is a great joy to have in our lives. Our son’s real father abandoned my wife and son when he found out that his son was retarded. I have known Rob for 34 years and he and I lock horns but we are best buds. The people at WalMart love him too so he has about 400 more fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

As a bank auditor who had twenty people working for me of all ethnic backgrounds and both sexes I wanted people like Sarah Palin to work for me because they had backbone and could manage their time. We worked through 56 bank and S&L acquisitions with long hours and crushing stress but I would not have done it any differently with my people. I made sure that I took care of the mothers and the fathers.

I was not going to vote for McCain now I will.


I’m not sure even the McCain campaign knows how great the groundswell of support for McCain-Palin is.

The Enquirer Smear

Wednesday, September 3, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Another day, another smear, another knockdown.

The support for Sarah Palin grows with each attack upon her integrity, and with each bit of trash talk from media elites, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum There’s a firestorm all right, but it is consuming MSM credibility –or what little was left of it.

UPDATE: A just arrived e-mail:


Twenty years ago, I was a young attorney, near the top of my class, looking for a job in a major city. One interview I had was indicative of many I had. During the interview I was asked whether I would have children and how would I be able to work with children (mind you this came from an attorney in a large corporate legal department). Having to stand up to this man on the issue of federal employment law resulted in me not getting the job. Now, I’m hearing it again with Governor Palin – attacks that she can’t do the job and have children. I thought by now we would be past this nonsense.

It surely energizes women like me, who thought we had long-ago dealt with the issue that women could do the job. Liberals believe that women should be seen and not heard, especially those who think for themselves.

Warm regards,


UPDATE: Another e-mail:

THAT TEARS IT!! I believe nothing in the press anymore and I don’t care if they report that Palin was seen at the scene of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. I’m voting for the ticket.other e-mail:

Another e-mail:

Dear Sir:
I am mad as hell to the treatment the media and so called fair minded democratic are giving Sarah Palin. No man in my 57 memory has every been treated this way, ever.
Isn’t there a song about a woman bringing home the bacon and putting in the pan!! And taking care of the family?? That is what Sarah Palin is doing.
Being the mother of 3 grown daughters we were faced with the same dilemma as her daughter. Our solution at the time was an open adoption. Abortion was out of the question. It was a win for my daughter and a win for babe who is living in a loving home.
All I can say is ” you go, girl!” This is the first year I will contributing for a champaign ever.
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