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“Worth Dying For” By Rorke Denver

Thursday, April 7, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

You may recall Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver from the movie Act of Valor.  Rorke has a new and timely book out, Worth Dying For: A Navy SEAL’s Call Top A Nation, and will be my guest on today’s program.









Congressman Mike Pompeo Hints At A Primary Run At Kansas Senator Jerry Moran

Wednesday, April 6, 2016  |  posted by Duane Patterson

The audio:


The transcript:

HH: That’s our ‘We talk about terrorism a lot’ intro – Lawrence Wright, Dexter Filkins, Mike Morell, others who know the war. One of those, of course, Congressman Mike Pompeo, is on the House Intelligence Committee from Kansas’ 4th Congressional District. Good morning, Congressman, good to speak with you.

MP: Hugh, good morning, and congratulations on your new gig.

HH: Now I assume that being a Kansas guy, you get up early, not like Campbell, that you really, you know, you’re out there with the cows and the stuff like that. Am I right about that?

MP: I don’t know about all the cows, but it is midday for me right now.

HH: Okay, so you’re in D.C. It’s Midday. Let me go to, there’s a lot of news on the political front, and I will go back to that. But I want to talk to you about the iPhone and encryption and a bill that’s moving through the Senate. The New York Times reporting this morning that the FBI isn’t saying whether the information extracted from the iPhone used by a gunman in San Bernardino has been useful to the investigation, they’re being quiet about that. A lawyer for the Bureau says it hasn’t told Apple how it cracked the company’s vaunted encryption methods. The comments come as What’sApp, which is owned by Facebook, introduced full encryption for its service to ensure that only the sender and the recipient can see photos, videos and group text messages. How troubling is that to you as a member of the Intelligence Committee, Mike Pompeo?

MP: Hugh, with all of the things we’ve seen over the past handful of years, with our absence of ability to get the signals intelligence that American needs to defend itself, it’s very problematic. We’ve got to figure out a solution that protects privacy, but at the same time allows our intelligence community to get the information that they need. And it goes beyond even counterterrorism and international intelligence. Local law enforcement, too. Traditionally, Hugh, we all know, right, to get a warrant, and you get access to information you need. And Article III judge tells you that you can seek that information. And now, we’ll be in a place for the first time where we have allowed private enterprise to set up systems that allow rapists and criminals and pornographer and pedophiles to hide their conversations in ways that the Constitution simply doesn’t permit. And so I hope that these, businesses will begin to think more seriously about this, to do the right thing for their customers, both from a privacy perspective and from a safety perspective. Continue Reading

Mark Levin Joined me To Start Wednesday’s Program

Wednesday, April 6, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Up very late or very early, the Great One joined me today to discuss the big win by Senator Ted Cruz last night:




HH: There is nobody better in America to analyze this with me than my friend and old colleague from the days when the Department of Justice was about justice, the Great One himself, author of Plunder and Deceit, Mark Levin, who’s up early for some reason. Mark, how are you?

ML: I’m good, brother. How are you? I’m always up early. I never sleep.

HH: You are like me. We live in a world that doesn’t require oxygen or time. It is great to be able to talk to you in real time as opposed to taping and then playing when we were talking at the same time on the radio. But welcome. What did you think of last night?

ML: Well, it was a crushing defeat for Trump, and a crushing victory for Cruz. I don’t see any other way to spell this out. I’ve looked at these exit polls, and it looks like Cruz won across the board.

HH: Every category.

ML: And every category. And look, we’ll see how this carries on. There’s no expectation he’ll win New York, although he can do better in New York. There are some good states coming up, you know, Nebraska, Washington State, Oregon and so forth for Cruz. But I think this is very, very important. I think number one, we conservatives have an opportunity for the first time since Reagan’s second election to actually nominate a conservative. You know, I made the point, Hugh, if you’re under 45, you’ve never actually had an opportunity to vote for a solid conservative. And Cruz is that. That’s number one. Number two, he’s a thoroughly decent guy. And I think people are repulsed by the effort to turn him into some kind of a womanizing, sleazy liar. I mean, really? Ted Cruz? A guy I’ve known for over two decades? If that’s who he is, that’s a big surprise to a lot of us.

HH: I only met Ted in 2011 at an Alliance Defending Freedom fundraiser before he had declared for Senate. He sat down with the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt and I, and I was interviewing W. on stage that night. I was totally charmed by him. I’ve come to know him since. I, somehow, I missed him during the Bush years. I didn’t see him like you did. But of course, he clerked for the Right Honorable Michael Luttig, and he clerked for the great Chief Justice Rehnquist. And of course, we talked law. Last night, Mark Levin, in his victory speech, and I said this on MSNBC, he displayed Constitutional chops of the sort people are not used to hearing from a candidate.

ML: No, he is, here’s the thing. This is why I continue to push, and I hope you and others will, a one on one debate. I know, I call this two and a half men left in the race, because Kasich is just there as a spoiler, saboteur, in my view. But these two guys really need to go toe to toe so the American people, not just Republicans and conservatives, can see the difference between the two and watch Cruz shine. And this is exactly why Trump will not debate him one on one. The Tweeting, the surrogates, the endless promotion on the Fox News Channel and some of these other stations, that way Trump can at least, from his perspective, try to control the news of the day. But if they really had a one on one debate, you would see a racehorse. You would see a Secretariat in Ted Cruz. Look, none of these guys are perfect. We’re not perfect. But there are some who are better than others. And Cruz is really top of the line.

HH: Now Mark Levin, a couple of things I want to talk to you about. Of course, I remain Switzerland, and Donald is welcome here to answer tough questions. Ted Cruz always comes on.

ML: And by the way, so do we.

HH: Yeah.

ML: And he won’t come on my show.

HH: That’s remarkable. He should go everywhere. I mean, you really should go everywhere if you want to be president.

ML: Well, if he’s going to go on MSNBC, you’d think he’d go on our show.

HH: Yeah, it’s, I don’t know why he won’t do you. You’re the fairest guy in the world. You’re like me. No one gets ambushed. You just ask straightforward questions.

ML: That’s right.

HH: But here is, again, from, I was asked by Brian Williams last night a couple of things. A couple of things, one of them was how do you see this race shaping up. My first reaction is I believe it will be the starkest choice America has faced between non-incumbents since 1952. Do you agree with me on that?

ML: Yeah, I do agree with you on that. I mean, you really are going to have a choice between iron-fisted government, I mean, assuming if Cruz is the nominee, and one of the other two is their nominee, Sanders or Clinton, between iron-fisted government and somebody who really does believe in the greatness of the people to make decisions on their own, a Constitutional conservative. And you know, I want to tell you something else, Hugh. There are people out there that say they will not vote for Trump if he’s the nominee. I will vote for Trump if he’s the nominee against Hillary Clinton. I just cannot imagine turning over what Obama has done for eight years to Hillary Clinton to build on. I have serious problems with Trump when it comes to tariffs and quotas and a lot of other things. But I do know this. I can’t think of a single thing I agree with, with Hillary Clinton, and I know she’s an ideologue.

HH: I tell people that I will support the nominee because we are certain that Hillary Clinton will destroy the Court. There’s a chance that someone else won’t, with that ninth vote. That ninth vote, and it’s going to be the centerpiece of his campaign. Second thing I want to ask you about, the left has begun a meme. Oh, the Republicans have decided to lose with Cruz. They’re trying to paint him as a loser already. I view this as a creation of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite, and the political consulting class that wants to cover for their complete surprise at Ted Cruz’ success, because they thought he was failing when he led the shutdown effort two years ago, and he proved them wrong in the 2014 elections. What do you think of this lose with Cruz meme? Complete creation by the left?

ML: Well, you know, I worked in the Reagan campaigns in ’76 and ’80, and I will tell you the same kind of putdowns, and the same kind of oh, Carter said I can’t wait to run against Reagan, I want him to be the nominee, and he got his wish. I think Cruz could whip Hillary Clinton, and do it in a very, very profound and significant way. I think the American people are looking for a statesman now. They’re looking for a real leader. I think there are a lot of pretenders out there who have hot button issues that they throw around, but I think once we get a one on one with a Cruz and a Hillary Clinton, and these issues are sharpened, and we’ve got three, four, five debates, I think it’ll become clear that Cruz is the kind of guy that can win, and win big.

HH: I want to make a prediction for you. They call me NostrHughdamus now anyway, because I’ve called a lot of these. I don’t, I believe the former Secretary…

ML: Hold on, they call you what?

HH: NostrHughdamus.

ML: They call me other stuff.

HH: (laughing) I am predicting that Mrs. Clinton will refuse to debate Ted Cruz. She knows she’ll get her head handed to her, and she will not go near a stage with him. What do you think? Nixon did that in ’72.

ML: Why, is that because they don’t allow debates in Leavenworth Prison?

HH: (laughing) Okay, let me play, speaking of Leavenworth Prison, I want to play you a little audio, which I first heard on Mark Levin’s show yesterday. This is Michelle Fields, former Breitbart reporter, receiving a call.

MF: Hello.

Bad guy: I’m going to find you, Michelle, and we’re going to kill you.

MF: Okay.

Bad guy: I know where you live.

MF: Okay.

Bad guy: You’ve got 36 hours to drop the charges. I’m dead serious.

MF: Or what? What are you going to do?

Bad guy: I’m going to slit your throat.

MF: Okay, you have serious issues.

HH: Mark Levin, that is sadly part of life in the modern times. But this should be everywhere, because that’s a journalist being threatened by a crazy person. And you know, this happens in Russia a lot, and no one says anything about it. They’re afraid of Putin, and no one is covering this except you. I heard it first on your show yesterday afternoon. I committed to coming in and playing it, because you were shaming the media as they should be shamed. Crazy people have to be found and stopped this way.

ML: Yeah, this is so horrible. This is a 28 year old young lady, a professional, who was doing her job, and again, the way they tried to turn Cruz into an adulterous slime ball, they’ve tried to turn her into something that she’s not. People have tried to dig up stuff on her. You go on social media, the things they call her and say about her, I mean, if this is a big Republican tent, count me out, Hugh Hewitt. And the cops apparently are going to look into this. They need to find this guy and throw him in prison so he can be in a cell with a guy named Bruce. And I’m very, very serious about this. And some of the new media pick up the habits of the old media. And the old media has all but ignored this. Many in the new media have all but ignored this. Here is a young woman who is now being threatened with death. That is a very serious charge. That is a very serious phone call there. That’s not a joke. I get this now and then. But I’m not, this is a 28 year old young lady. I’ve got a daughter the same age. And what did she do? She was working for a website that’s pro-Trump. Continue Reading

George Will On The GOP Race After Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 6, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

George Will joined me this morning, and among the topics covered were the possible running mates for Senator Ted Cruz should he prevail in Cleveland:




HH: I’m so pleased to welcome George Will of Fox News, author of A Nice Little Place On The North Side, Wrigley Field at 100, and also proud Cubs fan who are 2-0. The Indians sadly lost their coldest opener yesterday ever, George Will, the coldest that it has ever been on the Lake. So that doesn’t really count, I think, as a loss. But congratulations, 2-0. I don’t know if it gets better than perfect for you.

GW: Oh, you can’t win them all if you don’t win the first two.

HH: (laughing) All right, let me play for you, George Will, Roger Stone, longtime Donald Trump consigliore coming off of last night talking on a website about Donald Trump. Here’s what he had to say to Stefan Molyneau.

RS: I have urged Trump supporters come to Cleveland. March on Cleveland. Join us in the Flora City. We’re going to have protests, demonstrations. We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal. If you’re from Pennsylvania, we’ll tell you who the culprits are. We urge you to visit their hotel and find them. Continue Reading

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