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“Halloween 2014″ by Tarzana Joe: An Ode For An Election Weekend Eve Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


“Halloween 2014″  by Joe “Tarzana Joe” Santi


On this, the darkest night of nights

Of beastly dreams and ghostly lights

I try to dodge the Devil’s host

And ponder on what scares me most


A poet, I’m a timid fellow

The streak that spans my back is yellow

If you say, “Boo!”

I have a hunch

That’s quite enough to lose my lunch


I don’t let ravens near my hearth

Or heavy breathers known as Darth

I see a threat in every shadow

I’m scared to death of Rachel Maddow


I don’t care what my father said

Monsters lurk beneath my bed

And when I peek, I pause and posit

If they’re not there, they’re in the closet


If I don’t see it, still I fear it

That nasty creaking!  Don’t you hear it?

Yes, every sound can raise a hackle

Like Hillary’s annoying cackle


Now comes a thought

That’s far more troubling

That scars the lungs

Like brimstone bubbling


A throbbing thought that far exceeds

The claws that reach, the brain that bleeds

That speeds at night from hell’s own vortice

And grips my soul like rigor mortis


What scares me most?

Here’s my confession

The Senate In a Lame Duck Session


Spare us spirits!

Hear and Heed

Deliver us from Harry Reid


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Just How Inept Is The Obama Foreign Policy Team?

Thursday, October 30, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

After starting a new foreign policy meltdown by calling Israel’s Prime Minister “chicken____” five days before elections in which competence in matters of national security is center stage, someone at the White House must have appealed to The New York Times for urgent assistance, and the paper responded with this thigh slapped of the Keystone Kops at work which included a drive-by on John Kerry as an astronaut lost in space.

Too late, and too much a piece with the almost-impossible-to-believe timing of the White House rally conducted by the president for the president’s Swiss Cheese Ebola policy, conducted even as the Pentagon was explaining its much more stringent, much more common sense approach to quarantine of returning soldiers.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.  Is Reince Priebus orchestrating Team Obama’s closing kick to the voting on 11/4.

I was part of a conservative symposium Wednesday night in Louisville which featured Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Carly  Fiorina and an appearance and remarks by the in-full-campaign mode Mitch McConnell. The man most serious folks hope will soon be Marity Leader in the Senate remains unflappable, calm and very disciplined as he drives through $40 million of negative spending directed at him by national Democrats and by his opponent Allison Grimes. McConnell back stage is then mad as McConnell behind mic: composed, purposeful, quietly funny, and very, very competent.  Dems have done everything they could to defeat him because he will truly be a “master of the Senate,” and the D.C. GOP will finally have a strategist equal to the task of combating the president on a number of fronts.

After McConnell departing for yet more campaigning, Fiorina and Jindal answered my questions on just three of the three areas where Kentucy voters should know the great differences that separate McConnell from Grimes: local control of education (Grimes is pro-the DOE’s jam down of Common Core via the u constitutional “conditional waiver” policy instituted by Obama Education Secretary Duncan), energy policy, and support for Israel and renewed sanctions on the still ambitious for nukes Iran.  Both Jindal and Fiorina finished with blasts at he president’s “unnamed senior foreign policy aide” who slandered Netanyahu.  The crowd, as I suspect most voters, enthusiastically shared in their denunciation of then rank amateurism and repeated and dangerous fumbles made by these fourth stringers pretending to be tough, experienced mini-Kissingers.  The idea of serious men and women in charge of the Senate’s agenda and especially it’s Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committee resonates far beyond the Bluegrass State, and it should be the key driving force behind every vote in every Senate campaign in five days.

What Will A GOP Senate And GOP House Mean? “Action This Day!”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

What would a GOP-controlled Congress mean?

Well, for one thing, better relations with Israel because the Republican Congress will not allow the president to repeatedly attack our strongest ally in the Middle East.  Expect renewed Iran sanctions to land on the president’s desk as well.

I spoke with Kentucky senator and GOP leader Mitch McConnell about what was ahead if he won re-election and the GOP won a majority in both houses.  The audio and transcript of our interview is here.  McConnell is taking nothing for granted and I and Governor Jindal and Carly Fiorina will be in Kentucky tonight to help rally support for the GOP Leader, but his skill as leader of the GOP in the minority will really shine once he has 51-plus votes behind him.

The New York Times surveyed some of the speculations about what follows a GOP takeover of the Congress here.  The Times’  John Guida picked up on my earlier piece on the subject for the Washington Examiner from late September, one in which I urge the GOP Congressional leadership to move quickly –indeed with unprecedented speed– to propose a budget and pass a defense appropriations bill.  Right behind those urgently needed bills should follow a big immigration bill that begins with –and turns on– construction of a long, strong, double-sided fence along at least half of the 1,000 mile U.S.-Mexican border.  Regularization of most of the illegal aliens in the country can follow, and even be a part of the bill, but must be contingent upon completion of the fence.

“Action this day!” is how Churchill went about his time at 10 Downing and the GOP could use a lot of that purposefulness.  If they wi, caucus and elect leaders, drift through a lame duck and then return for a business-as-usual session, it will go very badly for them and many of the House members will find themselves with primary opponents  declared for ’16 before Q2 arrives.

If they get a majority, the GOP has to use it, and right away.  After eight years in the legislative wilderness, the pent-up demand for purposefulness on the part of a conservative Congress is enormous.  “Business-as-usual” dooms the 2016 effort before it begins.  The expected House GOP Leader, Kevin McCarthy, seems to understand the need for urgent action, though the idea of an energy bill as a priority isn’t anything I have heard from grassroots activists, though repeal of the medical device tax is.  The specifics will get hammered out, but January shouldn’t be a time for self-congratulatory speeches but for a budget and the first of many appropriations bills replete with the riders that will roll back President Obama’s regulatory behemoth.

“Action this day!”  Watch and see if the GOP gets this crucial attitude and acts accordingly.


CNN’s Jake Tapper Talks “Chicken____” And Campaign 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014  |  posted by Duane Patterson

CNN’s Jake Tapper opened hour three of my show today with some light-hearted discussion of this interview about his growing up in Philly before turning to the Florida gubernatorial race and the impact of Jeffrey Goldberg’s “chicken____” story wherein a “senior Obama Administration official” describes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as chicken dropping to the Atlantic correspondent.




HH: We begin hour three with Jake Tapper of CNN’s The Lead. Jake, welcome, that interview in Philadelphia Magazine may be one of the funniest I have ever read.

JT: Well that, the writer, Liz Spikol, and I have literally known each other since we were 7. So it really was, she just called and said let’s just talk about growing up, and we just reminisced. And it was fun.

HH: Philadelphia School sounds like a pretty “far out” place. You had hippies for parents, huh?

JT: Well, they weren’t really technically hippies. They were just, you know, progressives from that era protesting against the Vietnam War and such. I didn’t mean it literally. My father took issue because…

HH: Oh, he did?

JT: …hippies and yippies and all that meant something very specific at the time. They were obviously not actually that. He is a Harvard-educated pediatrician. Continue Reading

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