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Why An Invasion Of Gaza Will Happen: Tunnels From Gaza Into Israel

Thursday, July 17, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Read this from the Washington Post this morning, in an article supposedly about “the truce holding”:

In the early morning hours, a military spokesman said, the Israeli air force hit the opening of an incursion tunnel used by Hamas militants to sneak under the Gaza border fence for an attack inside Israel. The opening was about 250 yards inside Israel and a little more than a mile away from a kibbutz, apparently the intended target.

An infrared camera video clip released by the Israelis shows 13 men armed with long weapons scurrying about and then entering a hole in the ground in the middle of a field. Once they are all below ground, the screen fills with a flash of light and a large cloud.

The prospect of long tunnels filled with gunmen ready to massacre everyone in a border town means that Israel has few choices.  An occupation seems pre-ordained when Hamas attempts such a thing.

Ambassador Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., discussed this specific threat in my interview with him Tuesday, as well as the attempts that Hamas has made to launch assaults on civilians from the sea. No government can wait and wait for the enemy to kill many of its own people before striking in an effective way.

Young people in Israel have begun using the hashtag #IsraelUnderAttack.  It really is, and it will have to respond before an intention massacre succeeds.

“Israel uses rockets to protect civilians,” Jim Talent said on my program earlier this week.  “Hamas uses rockets to try and kill them.”  Hamas is also using tunnels to attempt massacres.  That should be the end of any conversation about why the IDF has to occupy Gaza.

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The Children’s Crusade, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The responsibility for the border crisis is President Obama’s for telegraphing an invitation of  “olly olly oxen free” to the world under the age of 18.  If you could get to the U.S. and be under the age of 18, the president seemed to be saying  again and again, you could stay.  Thousands of not-yet-in-the-country “dreamers” heard and headed north.

The New York Times provides background on numbers and countries of origins, and my colleague Katie Pavlich details the particualrs some of the worst border crossers, but as with everything else Obama Administration related, the size, scope and specifics of the problems are not being disclosed to the public.  Because of the secrecy of the Obama approach –designed as everything else has been to shield him from the political consequences of his epic incompetence– towns fear the worst sort of border crossers will be dumped on them and are rejecting any attempt to put the children into their communities.  Because Katie has reported the reality of some of the approximately 90,000 minors who have come to  America since the president began his reckless “messaging” about “Dreamers,” the reality of many tens of thousands of in-effect new orphans in the land has not gone reported on, nor the effort to humanely deal with them actually begun.

The medium-and long-term problem of acting as a magnet to anyone but especially unaccompanied minors of any age needs a border fence to solve –a long, strong, high, double-sided fence covering every passable mile of the 2000 mile U.S.-Mexico border as the visible expression of the nation’s invisible commitment to secure borders.  Had even the 700 miles of such a fence been constructed when authorized for the first time in 2006, this would not be happening now.  But it wasn’t, and the Children’s Crusade is on.  Build the fence, every mile of it even if that means 1,000 miles of new double-sided fencing, with a road running between them,  and an opposite message is sent to those who would think about rushing to what they hear is an “open border” and permanent residence.  A neew message must be sent repeatedly: It is one of the rule of law and the significance of international borders.  How the House GOP has failed to make this argument again and again is stunning.

The children who have already made the trek into the country, however, they represent a different crisis, in effect a refugee crisis.  I will be writing more on that later today or tomorrow, but the innocent among them should not have to pay for the president’s incompetence.

C.J. Box and Bob Beauprez

Wednesday, July 16, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Even as I keep an eye on whether or not Israel sends its ground forces into Gaza, things will “get a little Western” around the broadcast today as Colorado’s next governor Bob Beauprez joins me in the first hour, followed by an hour with on the audience’s –and country’s favorites– C.J. Box stopping by my studio.

Beauprez is the headlines today as a new Denver Post poll –not usually friendly to Republicans– shows him edging into a lead over flailing incumbent John Hickenlooper.

(NB: In the Arizona GOP primary, Doug Ducey picked up another key endorsement, with Indiana Governor Mike Pence throwing in with Ducey.  Adding Pence to a long list of conservative endorsements that includes Gov. Scott Walker and Senator Mike Lee makes Ducey the strong favorite in next month’s GOP primary.)

C.J. Box has a new book of short stories out, Shots Fired: Stories From Joe Pickett Country, including two  featuring Joe Pickett and one featuring Nate, as well as one of the most amazing short stories I’ve read in a long time “Pronghorns of the Third Reich.”  No spoilers in our chat, just a chance to tell you about a wonderful addition to your summer reading list.


Israel’s Ambassador Ron Dermer

Tuesday, July 15, 2014  |  posted by Duane Patterson

Ambassador Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., joined me to begin Tuesday’s show. Here is the audio and transcript:




HH: Yesterday when I signed off the air, Israel had agreed to a ceasefire offered by the Egyptian government with the terrorist Hamas organization. And they actually began that ceasefire at, I believe, 9am Israeli time this morning. And it was immediately violated repeatedly, and to deadly effect, actually. An Israeli died later today from mortar fire from Hamas. And hostilities have commenced again. Joining me now is Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. Mr. Ambassador, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show, and I think you know this audience stands with Israel, and we’re very sorry that Hamas did not avail themselves of the opportunity Israel extended them for a ceasefire.

RD: Thank you, Hugh, and it’s important for your listeners to know that Egypt made this proposal yesterday. That proposal was backed by the entire international community, and it was actually backed by the Arab League. And Israel met this morning, Israel’s cabinet. We accepted the proposal. It was not without controversy within Israel. I want your listeners to understand that. Actually, a majority of the Israeli public were against the ceasefire, because they find themselves, two-thirds to three-quarters of the Israeli population, in bomb shelters. And they want their government to do what I think most populations would want their government to do, which is a very tough response. And they did want a ceasefire, because they wanted to make sure that this was going to end. But the Prime Minister acted with enormous restraint and responsibility, and led a decision through the cabinet to accept the ceasefire at 9am this morning. Unfortunately, Hamas rejected it. They fired dozens of rockets at Israel. Israel did not respond to those rocket attacks for six hours hoping that maybe they would stop it. But at the end of the day, Hugh, we have to defend our people. And that’s what the Prime Minister and government of Israel are doing. Continue Reading

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