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“Forget Jobs Summit. Turn On California’s Water.”

Monday, November 16, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Washington Examiner column focuses on all the real jobs President Obama could save or recreate by ordering the resumption of year-round water deliveries stopped by his Department of the Interior.

The Obama Administration is actively killing jobs across the United States. I am familiar with job losses resulting because of the operation of the Endangered Species Act, the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act and the FDA’s assault on commercial speech because I or one of my law partners practice in those areas, but the regulatory zeal of the Obama appointees is operating to strangle businesses across the land. If you know of other job-killing policies of the president and his team, send me a link or an explanation via Together we can help suggest an agenda for the jobs summit.

In A Sane World, This Report Would Kill Obamacare

Monday, November 16, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The chief actuary of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services –a non-partisan oversight agency of the federal government– has analyzed the Obamacare bill passed by the House. The Hill links to the full report and you should wade through it.

Key takeaways from the auditor’s report:

*After 10 years under the new regime, 23 million Americans would still be without insurance;

*The bill cuts $570 billion from Medicare; and

*The bill does not stop the exploding cost of health care.

In a nutshell, Obamacare uses massive new tax hikes and massive cuts to Medicare to give health benefits to some of the currently uninsured, but does nothing to contain health costs. The Democrats spin on this devastating report cannot conceal that Obamacare fails every test of genuine “reform.” It is being pushed solely for political reasons, primarily to expand the size and reach of government and with it the public sector employee unions that power so much of the Democratic Party machinery.

Fresno and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Saturday, November 14, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday’s broadcast from Fresno was wrenching. Tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs and thousands of farmers are in deep financial distress because of absurd interpretations of a 1971 law, the Endangered Species Act, that was never intended to cause such havoc. Cowardice combines with fanaticism to result in unbelievable waste and unnecessary suffering –the cowardice of officials who could order the water turned back on but fear to do so because of the fanatical zealotry of the environmental lobby that is simply indifferent to the suffering they are applauding.

When I got back to the hotel and began to watch the coverage of another astonishing bit of governmental stupidity –recall Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has wanted to enter a guilty plea for the mass murder of 9/11– the juxtaposition of the government refusing to lift a finger to help tens of thousands of its citizens while simultaneously adopting extreme interpretations of law to justify a New York City trial for the terrorists left me with the through-the-looking-glass sense of concern that the damage being done by the ideologues who have taken control of the federal government may be far worse than anyone had imagined just a year ago.

Bill Kristol suspects that the decision to give KSM and his co-killers a giant stage on which to rant will result in even more political damage for Democrats. He’s right, of course, because Americans of all but the far left side of the Democratic Party know the difference between enemies in war and common criminals, just as they know that it is terribly unjust to destroy the agricultural communities of the Central Valley in the name of the Delta smelt and just as they know that Obamacare is one vast disaster that shouldn’t be on the table for discussion much less close to passing and that the president’s “economic policy” doesn’t deserve the title “policy.”

All of this is adding up to a giant electoral shudder in 51 weeks. We just have to hope that the damage the left can do in the next year can be contained.

I have opened a thread at the Hughniverse for comments on the man-made drought in the Central Valley, and if you missed yesterday’s show on the smelt and its impact on California farm workers and agriculture, you can listen to it there. Many people from around the country who had not heard of the story e-mailed me to express their disbelief, but it isn’t a hoax and the hardships are all too real. Yesterday a federal judge ruled that the federal government had violated NEPA when it implemented the water cut-off. A hearing on remedies is set for November 24. Say a prayer that the judge acts to end the wholly avoidable-but-unfolding creation of a new Dust Bowl. (And consider a donation to the Pacific Legal Foundation which is leading the fight to turn the water back on.)

My thanks to Len Frank, George Kimball, the team at KYNO 1300, John Harris of Harris Ranch and Pastor Jim Franklin of Cornerstone Church for helping Duane and me to get Friday’s show organized, and to all the guests who contributed their stories to the broadcast.

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