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Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here is

And Rob Neppell of who has helped restructure TCOT is looking for an intern.

UPDATE: An epistle on Twitter technique:

A lot of people signed up for Twitter because of your mention of it. [Scroll down and the majority of those not picture are not following you or anyone for that matter - why matter? see below][# More #]

You may want to quickly mention it so they sign in again to find you. And a link on your blog would help them to, a lot of them are not following you. Twitter will quickly become useless to them if they don’t understand they will leave it in the waste bin of Internet Explorer. If you want them, then you have to hold their hand a bit at first. I’ve tried to follow them through an account that is mainly to give out the show details [which as you tweet more will become obsolete]. Hopefully they will see that and see links to other people and grow their Twitter universe from there.

By my rough count 48 people signed up for Twitter that didn’t know immediately how to follow you so they are alone, not following anyone and no one following them. 48 that mentioned they are on Twitter after hearing your show. There may be more that I don’t know how to track. Now there are others for sure that were able to find and follow you quite well. Probably if you look at the 883 followers you now have @hughhewitt, most likely the ones without a picture heard about it and fortunately knew how to find you on twitter.

But fresh Twitter-ers right out of the box are in the wilderness. And sorry, but you keep telling people to look up the wrong stuff. I’ve heard you several times saying “go to and look up hughhewitt no space at” [which equals: - you did this for @Lileks yesterday] That will get them no where quickly. The browser will shoot nothing back for them. You’ve got to tell them to do a google search by typing hughhewitt no space and twitter. Or you’ve to to link to it:


And in a tweet, you have to add the @ sign before the person’s twitter name:

“Smoking a cigar with @Lileks
“Waiting for @mkhammer to pick up the cell” <—That’s Mary Katharine Hammer
“Can’t believe @guybenson wore the pink shirt”

That will make their twitter name a link to their Twitter page for people to check the profile and see if they want to add.

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A Free and Democratic Iraq

Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Charles Krauthammer notes the importance of the security agreement signed between Iraq and the U.S. (HT: It is the last and almost certainly the secind most important achievement of President Bush –the first being the fact that the U.S. homeland has not been attacked in the years since 9/11. Krauthammer’s closing graphs:

The more long-term danger is that Iraq’s reborn central government becomes too strong and, by military or parliamentary coup, the current democratic arrangements are dismantled by a renewed dictatorship that abrogates the alliance with the United States.

Such disasters are possible. But if our drawdown is conducted with the same acumen as was the surge, not probable. A self-sustaining, democratic and pro-American Iraq is within our reach. It would have two hugely important effects in the region.

First, it would constitute a major defeat for Tehran, the putative winner of the Iraq war, according to the smart set. Iran’s client, Moqtada al-Sadr, still hiding in Iran, was visibly marginalized in parliament — after being militarily humiliated in Basra and Baghdad by the new Iraqi security forces. Moreover, the major religious Shiite parties were the ones that negotiated, promoted and assured passage of the strategic alliance with the United States, against the most determined Iranian opposition.

Second is the regional effect of the new political entity on display in Baghdad — a flawed yet functioning democratic polity with unprecedented free speech, free elections and freely competing parliamentary factions. For this to happen in the most important Arab country besides Egypt can, over time (over generational time, the time scale of the war on terror), alter the evolution of Arab society. It constitutes our best hope for the kind of fundamental political-cultural change in the Arab sphere that alone will bring about the defeat of Islamic extremism. After all, newly sovereign Iraq is today more engaged in the fight against Arab radicalism than any country on earth, save the United States — with which, mirabile dictu, it has now thrown in its lot.

Read the whole thing and e-mail it to everyone you know. It is a great victory for the world, for the Middle East, for Iraq and for the U.S.

Go Cao!

Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

David Freddoso explains. (HT:

The Blagojevich Tapes

Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

These tapes are going to be very interesting.

Even though it seems certain that the Illinois governor will be indicted, Blagojevich still gets to name the president-elect’s replacement in the U.S. Senate. Whoever that turns out to be, he or she will carry at least some of the taint of Blagojevich into the 2010 elections.

Has the Illinois GOP managed to find credible candidates for the statehouse or the U.S. Senate?

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