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Obama’s Interior Secretary and the ESA

Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A black-tailed prairie dog

This week saw more news on the endangered species front, as Vince Carroll notes in this column. Groups are pushing for the listing of the black-tailed prairie dog, and the Department of the Interior has agreed the question needs to be studied.

When the president-elect gets around to naming his Secretary of the Interior and that nominee his or her team, the die will be cast for the landowners –and a lot of the economy– of the west. Listings as threatened or endangered of widespread species like the prairie dog cause havoc in land-use and development, which means havoc in the growth of entire regions, especially those burdened with weak home-building or commercial sectors.

The president-elect promised the governors quick help in launching much needed infrastructure projects. And he has also promised the nation quick action on stimulus.

If his appointees at the DOI are eager to please the ESA activists, expect the stifling effects of new species listings to greatly impede any recovery. Landowners only dimly understand the potential for abuse of the Act, and if an activist-friendly DOI begins settling lawsuits brought by the groups with agreements to list various species like the prairie dog, the consequences could be immediate and far-reaching. Not many people pay attention to the second and third-tier appointees at DOI, but their actions (or court surrenders) have far-reaching and often devastating consequences for individuals obliged to carry large portions of the bill for the ESA’s spectacularly draconian burdens on the use of private property.


Friday, December 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here is TopConservativesOnTwitter.org.

And Rob Neppell of Kithbridge.com who has helped restructure TCOT is looking for an intern.

UPDATE: An epistle on Twitter technique:

A lot of people signed up for Twitter because of your mention of it. [Scroll down and the majority of those not picture are not following you or anyone for that matter - why matter? see below][# More #]

You may want to quickly mention it so they sign in again to find you. And a link on your blog would help them to, a lot of them are not following you. Twitter will quickly become useless to them if they don’t understand they will leave it in the waste bin of Internet Explorer. If you want them, then you have to hold their hand a bit at first. I’ve tried to follow them through an account that is mainly to give out the show details [which as you tweet more will become obsolete]. Hopefully they will see that and see links to other people and grow their Twitter universe from there.

By my rough count 48 people signed up for Twitter that didn’t know immediately how to follow you so they are alone, not following anyone and no one following them. 48 that mentioned they are on Twitter after hearing your show. There may be more that I don’t know how to track. Now there are others for sure that were able to find and follow you quite well. Probably if you look at the 883 followers you now have @hughhewitt, most likely the ones without a picture heard about it and fortunately knew how to find you on twitter.

But fresh Twitter-ers right out of the box are in the wilderness. And sorry, but you keep telling people to look up the wrong stuff. I’ve heard you several times saying “go to twitter.com and look up hughhewitt no space at twitter.com” [which equals: hughhewitt@twitter.com - you did this for @Lileks yesterday] That will get them no where quickly. The browser will shoot nothing back for them. You’ve got to tell them to do a google search by typing hughhewitt no space and twitter. Or you’ve to to link to it:


And in a tweet, you have to add the @ sign before the person’s twitter name:

“Smoking a cigar with @Lileks
“Waiting for @mkhammer to pick up the cell” <—That’s Mary Katharine Hammer
“Can’t believe @guybenson wore the pink shirt”

That will make their twitter name a link to their Twitter page for people to check the profile and see if they want to add.

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