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An Update From Team Rubicon

Saturday, January 23, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Team Rubicon continues to amaze, and to represent the efforts of thousands of Americans working in Haiti for the relief of the earthquake victims.


A long post on the team’s operations from today is here, which concludes:

So, we are going to continue with this general scheme of maneuver, using two field teams for triage, treatment, and transport, and a rapidly growing hospital team to provide these patients with definitive medical care. While some of these patients will receive care that makes the difference between life and death, most of the patients we are seeing now are at a point where definitive medical care makes the difference between a lifetime of decreased function, and a lifetime of lost function. We are saving hands and feet, arms and legs, physical function and an economic and personal future in a bare-bones society with no social safety net, where a physical handicap often condemns men and women to lives that are poor even by Haitian standards. And today, we were able to be of service to a baby girl who, God willing, will grow up with two good legs, able to run and play, dance and work, and live a life free of disability, thanks to a motley band of volunteers and the vast outpouring of support from home that makes everything possible. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say, to everyone who supports Team Rubicon financially, personally, professionally, and most importantly with your continued prayers for our safety and usefulness, THANK YOU so much. If you feel what I felt today, when I saw that baby sleeping in her mother’s arms, then you, like me, although you may have set out to be of service to others, have already received a reward that is greater still. God bless you!

If you can spare $10 or $50 or $100, this group will put it to immediate, efficient and very effective use.

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An Interview With Team Rubicon’s William McNulty

Friday, January 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I will open the program with an interview from Haiti with Team Rubicon’s deputy team leader William McNulty and Dr. Mauricio Consalter. You can help the team via their website.

Thanks to Blackfive’s Matt for connecting us to the team.

Duane will post the audio of the interview here later today.

UPDATE: Here’s the pic of a little girl whose leg was broken but has been set by Team Rubicon:

Explanation from the TR blog:

Success! Pediatric femur fracture – ID’d in the field by Team Alpha; delivered to CDTI by Rubicon assets; leg set and casted here by our Docs; and ready to return home with mom (taxi fare and a little extra for the family, thanks to your contributions). :-)


You Have The President’s Word On It

Friday, January 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A huge majority of Americans want Congress and the president to stop trying to jam this unworkable and wildly expensive scheme down our collective throats.

Michael Barone extrapolates the results of the Massachusetts senate election to all of the country and the political consequences for the Democrats of continued indifference to the strong opposition of the public are devastating. The president of course doesn’t care if his party’s majority gets wiped out, but as noted below, Democratic congressmen and senators have to ponder their next job if the White House, the Speaker and the Majority Leader keep pushing them towards the health care cliff.

The attacks on the financial sector which have led to two days of drops have also caught the public’s attention, and not in a favorable way. The president is in essence throwing a tantrum and costing real people real money. This isn’t the way to right a sinking ship.

Add to all these woes new terror alerts in Great Britain and India and the sense of the president’s misplaced priorities grows and grows.

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